They started covering the bigger cities in Germany, but there are fairly strict privacy laws there and too many people started complaining.

Google had to manually censor individual buildings and eventually gave up entirely. The few cities covered in Germany still show image data from 2008.

@fribbledom @ivesen There's also that Google was caught redhanded sniffing everything from local WiFi networks as they passed by in the street, including files in Windows "shared folders", and not only that... but they also kept all the data they collected.

From 2010:

There was more than popular indignation in this case, there was also the German state slapping them in the wrists.

The other countries just don't know or don't care about Google's abysmal practices.

@fribbledom so proud of Germany for telling google to fuck off, hang in there buds!

you could refuse to have your house shown in the internet due to privacy and data protection laws. and so lots of people obejcted and google stopped this thing.

@fribbledom oh I had forgot Germany had basically forbidden it... some 4-5 years ago it was an issue for a while in Switzerland too, and coverage is still a bit spotty.

Street View has been super useful to move around, when going to places I don't know, plan ahead... it would really suck not to have it.

@fribbledom although don't underestimate the power of the petit bourgeoisie, you may not get full Street View there but the small business owners across Germany seem to be willingly uploading photos of at least parts of streets (there's also a fair few woodland trails etc in part photographed and uploaded presumably by folk with Android devices..)

@vfrmedia @fribbledom My understanding is that if people take photos just with a camera in their hand it should be covered by freedom of panorama; part of the objection to the google street view project was that the cameras were mounted on top of cars at a height that gave them views you couldn't get from street level.

@Anke @fribbledom

that makes sense, although I've just discovered what also appears to be random Germans attaching cameras to their own personal cars and uploading the pictures to Street View as recently as 2019 (this seems to be a popular hobby around BaWü).

So far what appears to be one middle aged chap, and another possibly younger lad with an electric car (he reviews the charging station he used in his profiles). I guess there are others too..

@Anke @fribbledom

another one found in Bayern, possibly using a motorcycle.

Not sure if Google is searching out car/motorbike enthusiasts and encouraging them and/or providing suitable equipment, or they are just doing this to show where they've gone for a drive (to be fair this can even be beneficial for road safety as you can check junction layouts etc before visiting a place..)

@fribbledom funny, just 10 years ago I would ask what Germany did wrong, but now I want to ask what Germany did right :-)

@fribbledom the anti-google alliance of Germany, Austria, Bosnia, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus, apparently

Apparently this looks like german broad band Internet availability to me. Maybe a small coincidence....

@fribbledom oh I had a street view car in front of me yesterday o:


Intéressant, pourquoi si peu de couverture en Allemagne ?


Hope you can deal with an English response: too many people in Germany complained and wanted their buildings (manually) censored. There have been a couple of lawsuits as well, so Google eventually just gave up.

@fribbledom @georgia is not covered by Google Street Maps
I'm proud of my friend, great privacy defender

@jaj @fribbledom @_xhr_ sadly privacy is still in a terrible condition in Germany. Problem is that the rest of the world manages to be so much worse and pulls Germany down.

In some instances it's pretty good, in some others it's just plain fear of new technology, and sometimes very bad things happen when people don't understand the difference. Like Schools making children use MS Teams ... gotta go with the times, man... :(
@fribbledom @_xhr_


See the entire thread: Google gave up in Germany.

@fribbledom @T3fl0n Iceland looks interesting. the coverage would have been better if they could have used horses

@fribbledom ostres, que curiòs, només Alemanya ha denegat el permís al street view!

@fribbledom interesting and not entirely unexpected. I know Germany has some very strict privacy and anti surveillance laws in place.
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