The amount of portions in a box of cereals, as claimed by the manufacturer: 12

The amount of portions I eat before the box is empty: 3

@fribbledom What there should probably be: somewhere in the middle

@fribbledom I weighed out the portion once. Laughed for days.

@fribbledom I cannot eat just one bowl of cornflakes. I always go back to refill - unless the box is now empty, in which case I start crying.

@mike @fribbledom

pour the milk directly into the box.

do they still sell those small boxes? not the cigarette-pack sized ones, i mean the imac-mini-sized ones.

@fribbledom Sounds like salsa to me. Salsa mfr: Servings per container--16. Me: Servings per container--4

@fribbledom Especially if they’re Kellogg’s Rice Crispies. Who ever understood an average serving of 30g? It’s big bowl or really big bowl.

I think the portion sizes are chosen such that the nutritional values don't look too horrible.

"Sure, cereal is mostly sugar, but if you follow our recommended porion size, it's not that much anymore!"

@fribbledom manufacturers portions are the true lie of all the lies

@fribbledom Math checks out. The strange part is that the size of the cereal box doesn’t seem to matter. The only exception being those “travel” boxes that leave you hungry after consuming five of them.

They measure portions by this amount of sugar. Any more, and you can't have three meals per day any longer 😂

@fribbledom I saw some drink advertising that it was only x amount of calories. (small print: per 100ml, in a FUCKING 250 ML CAN)

oh yes, let me just split up this tiny can into two and a half portions

@joop @fribbledom The standard US soda can used to be "2 servings" until the truth in advertising people finally put their foot down.

@fribbledom They need to lie about the portion size, because if they said the portions are bigger, they would be accused of poisoning people.
Smaller portions = smaller dosage. :smart:

@fribbledom Yup. And they keep making the boxes smaller so they can charge more without the price of cereal looking as ridiculous as it really is.

@Wayves @fribbledom
I'm really surprised that people consider cereals as breakfast food. It's junk food to me. It's more like having a bag of chips for a little snack. Maybe that's what it is. Just a snack. 🤔

Oats! Have some oats! ☝️🤓

Actually they don't make them smaller, just reduce the content.
Try opening a new one, then shale it gently to see what the fill level is. It's common to jave the upper 1/3 completely empty.

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