Yeah, sex is great, but have you heard Air's album Moon Safari?

"All I Need" is probably still one of my favorite tracks and videos of all time.

@fribbledom this statement is objectively correct (except the track "Sexy Boy" which i always irritatedly skip)

@fribbledom you just helped me rediscover Air

It has been 15 years

hmm, not sure I've seen the video clip before; need to check that out when I get back from grocery trip.
I agree it's an excellent track though! Albeit a tad tarnished for me due to an associated personal memory.

@fribbledom Because I am old I immediately thought you were referring to Jack Wagner’s version.

@fribbledom this album is 🔥🖤 this and 10.000hz legend played a lot on repeat


Do you also know their "Everybody Hertz" remix album? Highly recommended if you enjoyed 10.000Hz Legend.

@fribbledom that is definitely something to look up thanks for the recommendation :)

@fribbledom well now I know what I’m jamming out to this morning

@fribbledom ugh that video 🥺

thanks for this reminder, taking 5 min to ensure Moon Safari is fully integrated into my system of near-sentient nested playlists so it'll come up on shuffle when the mood is appropriate

@fribbledom And I don’t have to wait for twenty minutes before I can play it again

@fribbledom wow I had forgotten Air completely. That is a lovely track, though. Thanks for the reminder.

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