Did you know you can ctrl/shift-click to select multiple tabs in Firefox?

You can then move them around or reload all of the select tabs easily.

@fribbledom Didn't quite know this. Vivaldi can do this too, cool. Not that I have a need for that tho, but cool nonetheless. :)

@fribbledom after adjusting to Tree Style Tabs extension and cleaning up the appearance of the horizontal tabs with userChrome.css hacks, I can't really go back.

Tabs just automatically open up from other tabs into directories of their own.

You have to get used to viewing tabs in your sidebar, but once you do... its pretty life changing.

Love that extension. Except: Sometimesnit malfunctions for me. Doesn't load, or tabs "stick" to the mouse pointer, so I drag them about by accident. Reordering sometimes needs a very steady hand, too. Otherwise, it's even better than Vivaldi's tab groups. This should be the default way of handling tabbed browsing.


@Mr_Teatime @fribbledom the entire "move tabs around" interface takes a learned amount of precision that I avoid. Usually I stick to the default behavior of "open a new tab" which will enter it into the tree of the tab it came from

That's fine for me, to -- most of the time.
Sometimes, when I navigate a site, I'll open several pages from the main landing page, however, and then discover other relevant bits from one of those pages, whose content may not be related to the page from which I opened them. I might even end up with a very long "staircase" of tabs which become hard to deal with. That's when I reorder, and that's when the the UI shows its weakness. Still better than linear tabs of course.

@Mr_Teatime yeah, its definitely a solution that brings up a lot of issues.

@fribbledom Huh. I wonder when they changed that. IIRC Ctrl+Click used to work as a Middle-click or similar in ages past.

@fribbledom this was a game changer when i learned it a few years back.

Same for Ctrl+Tab acting like Alt+Tab for browser tabs.
@fribbledom did you know you can ctrl+click+mouse to select distinct text blocks within web pages? Example.

@krruzic @fribbledom this all is probably browser and OS specific, but in my Firefox on Ubuntu a double click in the text selects a word and a triple click selects a paragraph (or any block, I suspect).

@isagalaev @krruzic @fribbledom Likewise for Vivaldi @Windows.
This is pretty much program-specific. Notepad can only do the doubleclick, but Word can do the tripleclick too. No ctrl needed at all.

@krruzic @fribbledom Except on some pages where ctrl-click selects almost but not quite everything. No idea what causes that behaviour.

@krruzic @fribbledom Did you know that you can hold alt in Firefox to select link text without accidentally following it?

@fribbledom and did you know you can place the favorite's bar inline with the tabs?

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