My girlfriend asked me whether I could still do a somersault on the ground, and I think I may now have hurt my back just thinking about it 😄

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I don't think I can, I have a crick in my neck from sleeping last night. Also I'm the sort of person who can get a crick in my neck from being asleep.

@fribbledom heh, I've got it way easier! 20+ years ago I impressed my then-girlfriend with a simple roundoff, and I can still do it now at my 42 :-)

Try it on a law or some other reasonably soft surface. hard floors are torture.

My old Judo teacher was happily rolling around in his 60s, but you could see he was doing it in a very controlled, almost thoughtful, way.
Also, Judo rolls are much safer than somersaults, especially if you jump into them.

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