When you have motion sensors set up in every room of your home, but the internet of sh*t fails in surprising ways:

1. Like a stranger in your own home, you stumble around all over the place trying to find a light switch in the dark.

2. You keep forgetting that you have to manually turn off the lights when you leave the room.

3. You're now scared to enter the bathroom as the lights are on and the only reasonable conclusion is that someone broke into your place to steal your toilet paper.

@fribbledom 👀 I don't recall an installation of light bulbs in combination with a motion sensor that required any other cable than for a regular light switch. But maybe I'm old school and have no idea what I'm talking about because I don't see how the IoT is involved there.


That's my own fault really. I run my own home-brew home automation system that controls the lighting in every room, taking into account the values of various sensors and settings.

@fribbledom this is why I'm never going to feel safe having home automation devices unless all of the infrastructure managing it is also completely running from home as well


That's actually the case here. See my other post in this thread 😊

It still can fail in surprising ways, of course.

If you open a modern lightbulb there's a pcb with transistors and shit. I thought of making a 5g covid conspiracy prank video as a prank but i didn't want people losing their minds and jumping off buildings and shit.

Thanks for not causing additional panic! The factual basis on which some of these people operate is so thin, there's a real risk they'd take any joke and run with it...

@fribbledom "someone broke into your place to steal your toilet paper"

I just reeeally had to go!

With the lights out I couldn't find the toilet paper. But on an unrelated note, you might want to replace that house plant 😳

@fribbledom I don't think my parents are ever going to make their house a smart home, for this and many other reasons.

@fribbledom There's one room in my house where the light switch is on the other side of the room from the door, near a bunch of power sockets.

We all agree that it's a pain to deal with.

@fribbledom These are very high-level complaints. Smart homes are of great help when properly designed. Stick a self-luminous sticker on each light switch, then issue #1 has already been fixed. Or install an emergency light, which is also helpful in other situations, completely independent of a smart home.

(I suspect the post was ironic, but many people might use it to construct nonsensical arguments against smart homes and stir up general fears about technology.)

Parents of a friend had motion sensors in their corridor, back in the day (no internet involved, just a sensor coupled to the light switch, why would anyone put that online?), and I hated it. Sometimes when you want light it doesn't spot you, when it's not quite dark and you don't need light, it'll turn on anyway, and anytime you just walk through quickly, it'll stay on for another minute, wasting electricity ...

The only usecase I see for something other than manual switches is for night lights. In case someone needs to get out of bed, to the loo and back at night but not get their eyes used to bright light, they could do so, and a very very dim light would follow them around.
An activation switch close to the bed, and the rest is done by sensors.

But really, consistent placement of light switches means you almost never have to search in the dark. Another thing Britain ruined for me...

@fribbledom I'd say this is why I don't care for automated systems in my home, but I'm just not the sort to jump to 3. option.
In fact I'd most likely start getting riled up "b/c the sensors broken/it's reacting to a fly I have to deal with now" before remembering that yes, it is in fact broken but it's on manual.

And that's the real reason:
I don't like adjusting my habits and I know stuff breaks. And the more time/money it takes to fix the longer it will stay broken.

@fribbledom Also it seems I never see eye-to-eye with automated stuff. Everything from motion detected lights to phone's motion controls seem to react/not when I don't/do want them to at least half the time.

Though I do get why in certain situation you'd want them. (Mobility, switch in a strange place etc.)

@fribbledom was that an issue with your home setup or with the generalized internet issue from yesterday?

I have a Hubitat hub (5 stars!) at home and **everything** is local, so I had no issues at all. Only when I want to control something from outside my home (internet) I might experience problems if there are any connectivity issues.
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