If we had a unified, standardized interface for charging mobile gadgets like notebooks & phones, the world would be a much better place.

@fribbledom USB-A and USB "micro" *almost* got there. Fingers crossed for USB-C to stick the landing. I think we are almost there.

@fribbledom USB C promises it, we just need the bulk of notebooks to adopt it.

@fribbledom Yeah. I can't even find the charging ports in my notebooks and there's no documentation of Qi compatibility for them either.

@fribbledom Joking aside, I have no experience with digital notebook stuff. Do they deviate from USB that often? Or is this about the split in USB connectors since I'm pretty sure all phones right now use either microUSB or USB-C?
I mean, "old" phones aside.

@fribbledom Wait. Did you mean e.g. netbooks and laptops? B/c yeah, those absolutely need to be standardised.
The fact that they can't even keep using the regular generic round connectors and just _have to_ change them in some way and use some strange voltages is so frustrating.

@fribbledom I have hopes for USB C. If isn't perfect, but my littles don't destroy the cables as fast and my higher end stuff supports it.

@fribbledom nope, the world would be a much slower place. we would probably be stuck with micro-b.

@mendel @fribbledom yeah. This. Probably.

It'd take years to agree on a new standard and then it'd take a decade to renew it as technology advances.

As gadgets have different lifecycles (e.g. smartphone vs. MP3player or so) you'd never have a single technology anyway.
Let alone these ignorant folks from cupertino.

Lets just stick to USB, make sure it is as compatible as possible (physical adaptors) and then live with the fact to have different cables and replace them evey few years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@fribbledom I’m not sure we need it anymore. I think at this point we would probably be better served by settling on a single magnetic charger standard.

@fribbledom i dont think there will ever be a future-proof solution, and its a little tougher for notebooks than for phones, but it would be nice if each technological era had a single connector for the majority of consumer devices.

@fribbledom But we do have?! USB-C is the standard you're looking for, and it's working fine here.

@fribbledom so much yes. hardware best be one best thing. software best be diverse. software requires way less natural resources than hardware.

@fribbledom I think we missed any opportunity for that when 5v became the standard.

@fribbledom What about the Laptops who use Double-USB-C or some pimped PD version? USB-C can't be it without changes.

@fribbledom What do you think a unified, standardized interface would look like? Why do people seem to prefer disparate interfaces now?

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