"How to pick beautiful colors"

Common color mistakes and how to avoid them:

@fribbledom I'd add: please avoid very light type, because that murders the eyes of the astigmatic (and other people in general probably but IDK for sure).

@fribbledom And when you pick colors, use a color blindness simulator to pick colors that actually look distinct to people with these various afflictions.

Because design^Wform follows function.

@fribbledom Mist, ich wollte demnächst™ einen ähnlichen Artikel schreiben (wenn auch nicht so ausführlich). Naja, dann halt ein Retoot ;)

OCR Output (chars: 433) 

So before we impose rules that limit
us, let me freak you out a bit: There
are thousands of colors you can
use. There is yellow-ish red @​ and
blue-ish red @​ and everything in
between. There is grey @​, but there
is also cold grey @​ and there is
warm grey @​. And then there is blue.
So much blue! Like this @​, this @​,
this @​, this @​ and this @​. And we
haven't even talked about orange

and yellow.

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