These days everyone seems to be rather busy being anti-this and anti-that and anti-everything-in-between.

You know what? I'd rather people tell me what they actually stand *for*, not everything they are *against*.

@fribbledom I stand for helping with open source projects, to name some Qubes-OS & GrapheneOS. If I can't help - I donate.

@fribbledom I feel that, but over time I've learned that some people have trouble verbalizing what they like and why. At least if folks overdo the anti-stuff you can avoid least that's what I do anyway >_>

@fribbledom The one that do that don't stand for anything. That's why they are anti everything. I stand for my God and my country.

@Darngood @fribbledom Being against is easier as it is easier to desdtroy and kill than to build and give life.


I am *for*...

- supporting small brands/vendors
- DIY for cost saving, and personal satisfaction
- doing things the **hard** way

@fribbledom I feel the same way. Constructive visions for our future are key.

@fribbledom I'm for
- communism
- anarchy
and by extension, or, as motivation
- making sure everyone gets food & housing
- making sure earth sustains life

@amsomniac @fribbledom how do anarchy and communism fit together? They seem like opposites

@nickchuckwalter @amsomniac @fribbledom Basically: Everyone does what's best for the whole society, without anyone having to tell them to.

@Parnikkapore @amsomniac @fribbledom huh ok. What happens if someone goes against what’s best for everyone?

@nickchuckwalter @Parnikkapore @fribbledom this is a question I've been thinking about a lot recently esp. in the context of police terrorism. I've been reading prison abolition texts and learning about transformative justice, here's a resource collection on that (can't vouch for everything there):

@nickchuckwalter anarchy involves abolishing unjust/oppressive hierarchies, and communism involves collectively owning the ability to make and distribute stuff. So reincorporating a company as a worker-owned co-op is a move in the anarchocommunist direction, workplace democracy can be... in general finding ways around Capital and the State to meet people's needs and empower the 99% ^_^

@amsomniac so is it like people form these groups organically. Like it’s not part of the government right?

@nickchuckwalter exactly, the idea is a basically a commune of communes, at least, the way I see it. I think reading Murray Bookchin's The Next Revolution and then of course the Communist Manifesto in order set me to this way of thinking

@fribbledom I stand for free software, open hardware, and open firmware.

@fribbledom a bit hard for cybertech types. the proper default is to block all then permit selectively.

@fribbledom No, I'm not an "anti" person. I'm *for* locking up all those people who don't agree with me.

See, it's much more positive when you say it like that.

@fribbledom I’m pro-abortion!

Wait no, this was supposed to be positive and uplifting.

@fribbledom they're afraid of being ostracized by the people who are anti that thing.

@fribbledom like, I stopped talking about my love of car driving and racing around modern urban people because it's usually not long until I'm getting a feeling as if I'm being considered as participating in a genocide…

@fribbledom Things I'm for:
Science! Not just the wondrous conclusions, but the painstaking details, methods, and the people who figured them out

The wonderful and tragic endeavors of formal logicians

Art and its ability to be fun, thoughtful, and/or able to cause us to exist in new ways

Respect and aloha for people who are respectful to you

Writing metafiction

Wearing a mask in public in a pandemic

Getting enough sleep

Regularly keeping up with the people you know, especially since regular life has been disrupted

Seeing the best in a sincere effort

@fribbledom I stand for the power of public key cryptography to give us a foolproof and easy way to assert our own authority without the need for central powers and organizations. I stand for anarchy and a sensible avoidance of hierarchy wherever possible. I stand for the importance of friendship, camradery and actually giving significant aid to your friends, which many times is only possible when friends are living nearby. I stand for our right to have a childhood we can look fondly back on. In summary, I’m very supportive of any effort to ensure that nobody like me ever has to exist again.

Wait shit that was supposed to be positive and uplifting too.

@fribbledom I am for the rise of R'lyeh, the return of Cthulhu, madness and terror for the final days of Man.

Oh, sure, you complain, but it's better than the Republican platform.

@fribbledom I am generally for public ownership, in which “public” doesn't mean “run by the government” but instead is generally democratic - by and for the people. I don't consider governments to be operating in the interests of the people in most cases, and that voting for the correct candidate is not a solution.

Public ownership of software, public access to knowledge, public ownership of land and housing. Public ownership of the things we need to live: food, electricity, water, health care.

From this basic disposition a lot of other things logically follow, such as disliking hierarchies and large centralised organisations.

@fribbledom ah, but stating what you’re *for* opens you up to attack and straw man arguments!

(I’m only half-joking)

@fribbledom I'm for breakfast and coffee.

Yes, I've low standards (in the morning) 😜

@fribbledom I stand for bacon, FOSS, and sometimes my friends.

I am for honesty and challenging my own views. I am for socialism and eating the rich. I am for public code for public money.

I'm pro a healthy balance between consensus and dissensus. As you rightly point out, there is a worrying skew towards the latter.

That's probably due to loss aversion: people focus more on avoiding things that could worsen their situation than on things that could improve it.

I'm superduper in favour of (myself and everyone else) understanding the human mind better so I can deal with humans better. Partially because I find humans hard to deal with otherwise, and partially because I think it'd help everyone get along better.

Also in favour of people getting along. And problem-solving. Problem-solving rules.


Oh, here's something I'm in favour of:

People courageous enough to risk government retaliation in order to do the right thing, according to scientific consensus *and* human compassion.

I'm also super against people ignoring both of these and arguing based on some ideology or other.

That guy deserves a medal -- and a law not just legalizing but mandating such services.

@fribbledom I think most of my anti can just be summarized as anti capitalist and the things I stand for are a much longer list o.o many of the things I stand for are things that will undoubtedly lead to me standing against other things, and that’s more of where things start to devolve

@fribbledom I'm for people. It's sad, I have to say it, because there are a lot of people promoting the idea saying "people are evil, and destroy the planet".
But really: I truly think humankind is the best species walking around on this earth and in the rest of the universe.
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