@fribbledom I bet they waited until the regulators wouldn't care. With Disney, Amazon and Wal-Mart buying everyone it looks like this will go through fine.

@fribbledom I shall be exceedingly pissed of if this happens

@fribbledom time to support the underdog and start buying Intel stuff again

@fribbledom looking at how much the average tech stock rose from 2016 to 2020, selling for $40B looks like a big admission of failure to me...

I read some article maybe a few weeks ago that suggested they would be smart to buy it and shut it down. However today the news is Nvidia has agreed to honor contracts because UK govt is concerned about lost jobs. I guess they could still dump ARM and keep those people working, technically.

I like Nvidia graphics cards especially on FreeBSD, so I'm not really a hater. I mean, what other options do we have for good graphics? Intel is OK and AMD is out in like outer space really as far as GPU's go. My opinion. But I've read they are working on battening down the hatches with Linux. So the future could be brighter.

But the bottom line in my eyes is that RISC-V should take over mobile and IOT devices, and maybe laptops too. Then we could really see some exciting things happen on mobile phones. Instead of being locked into some proprietary web.

@wago @fribbledom Throw $40B away?? Anyway, I am sure Apple and others have iron-clad contracts that let them use the IP forever. But I agree that some alternative to ARM would be most welcome.

That was what the article said anyway. :) The guy who started yelp also started a company called slide at the same time in the same office. I was working on a better slide javascript which might still be running somewhere, but they didn't use my code, they sold slide to google for crazy money, i don't remember how much. Google shut it down the next day.
Wikipedia says 2 years but i think they shut it down right away, and i remember it being the next day. Possibly they kept running stuff for myspace because of a contract.

@wago @fribbledom Slide.com was "just" $182 Million though. I am sure they would have no qualms about shutting down ARM, if not for the $40B purchase price.

That's alot to me. Anyway that stuff about facebook in the wikipedia is weird. I very well remember myspace, they wanted a Flash slider thing instead of javascript
It's probably a story about big G getting into myspace and facebooks pants to check out their goodies. There wasn't alot to the software ,

@fribbledom big brain move by Nvidia but the effects of this probably isn't going to be good for our brains 😰

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