If laziness was an Olympic discipline, I would probably come in fourth: can't be bothered climbing up that podium.

@fribbledom But you overachiever would actually compete, wouldn't you? phht.

@fribbledom id be disqualified for not bothering to show up :akkoDerp:

@fribbledom naturally the podium for laziness olympics is reversed, last place is highest


Ah, F, the laziest of responses. You qualify! 😄

@fribbledom the urge to steal this is strong. ... bit is it stronger than the urge to do nothing?

Yeah, so I would notice the games are on, think about signing up for the qualifier and probably forget to actually do it until it's too late

That's prbly one reason it's not Olympic: You just can't get the effing athletes to even show up. And the ones who do show up are not the laziest ones, by definition, so let's not even bother with organizing anything.

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