uMatrix's repository has been archived and development has been discontinued:

"Whoever is free to fork under a new name -- I may re-open and resume development in some future if ever I feel for it." How does this relate to uBlock Origin itself? I'm not informed on this subject, unfortunately.

@fribbledom 😌 phew, I thought he just ended development of everything. uBlock is still going.

@fribbledom Yeah, that is sad news. I've been enjoying that add on for years!

@fribbledom that suckath. I have been using and promoting uMatrix for years as an excellent replacement for NoScript

But developer time is not mine to command, so I say thanks to gorhill for the time he has put into this excellent project and thanks for having provided a safer web for me

@fribbledom Such a shame. It's my favourite add-on... Mane thanks to the developer, he did an amazing job.

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