Things are moving fast here: duf v0.3.0 is out!

- Fix not showing inaccessible devices with --all

- Show or hide specific columns with --output
- List inode information instead of block usage with --inodes
- Support for Darwin
- Support for FreeBSD
- Support for OpenBSD

- Rely on mount-tab's filesystem type information
- Rename --hide-loopback to --hide-loops

New binaries & packages here: πŸ‘Œ

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Actually very fitting for this kind of tool πŸ˜„

@fribbledom Please tell me your project's icon is a can of Duff beer. ;}

@fribbledom Installed this from the aur source package and expected it to be a pain, but it's nice!

@fribbledom You could add
`go get -u`
as a command to install this easily with Go.


There are build-from-source instructions in the README. However I opted to go the safe way, with a manual clone.

The reason for that is that the "go get" command does *not* enable Go modules unless it finds a go.mod in the current working dir. That will potentially break the build.

Note: this will change with Go 1.16, where modules will be enabled per default.

@fribbledom I see. I guess I installed it with GOPATH version of "go get" and it works. :)

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