What nobody seems to be talking about:

Due to the increased hygiene awareness and rules, fewer people than typical have been infected with other viral or bacterial infections since March.

"Our influenza season ended pretty abruptly in March. In the southern hemisphere the influenza season has gone almost unnoticed. Most other cold viruses have also become rare." (C. Drosten)

There is a lot to learn and research here.

@fribbledom That could be also a problem, because if we go to the hyper-hygene road, we also become more vulnerable to infections (bacterial or virical).

Or we wipe infections from existence and reach 400 years of livehood (Asimov's Foundation saga, what a masterpiece). It could be possible, who knows.

The key is keeping a balance between those, otherwise humanity will wipe itself from existence.

@captainepoch @fribbledom There was a news article about this in Finland recently and the professionals basically went "no" on the worry of this coming back to bite us through "lowered immunity by not getting sick for a year".

The biggest reason seemed to be the fact that for most people their immune system is trained when they're very young, so high hygiene in adulthood shouldn't affect it much.

@captainepoch @fribbledom But also because we're not actually being as hygienic as we think we are.

Our immune systems are still making contact with bacteria and viruses, it's just that the "doses" are small so our bodies have a high chance of clearing them out before we get sick.

@captainepoch @fribbledom
* assumes resistance to old strains also protects against new strains.
This seems hardly certain, and we can probably do some of this via vaccination aswel?
* Idea could also be that immune systems need to be primed somehow. But stuff like the flu, common cold are probably a tiny fraction of what it deals with, and mostly it's not even noticed... (i.e. rolling kids in old leaves can do the same)

I actually don't think i know how the immune system works...

@fribbledom Tell that to this stupid cold which keeps plaguing me 2-3 times a year. Like.. right now. 😒

@dheadshot @fribbledom Ha ha. Chance is small around here. It makes totally more sense for it to be a cold. Guaranteed like clockwork, 2x a year. (Rarely a 3rd). September-October, and December-January (Usually exactly during Xmas). Oh joy is me. :P

@fribbledom people are saying hand hygiene & masks in public spaces may well be a new norm, even aside from the fact that the pandemic still has years to go.


Amazing, in'nit?

If folks ACTUALLY wash their hands far more freqvently instead of just not doing it, and actively try to stay distanced from folks who are noticeably coughing and such, it helps.

I am thinking about that so much! I usually catch a cold in every season of the month and I've been gleefully wondering what other viruses we might dry out~ (though that could also have negative consequences I think because wouldnt that create incentive for more agressive viruses to evolve?)

I suppose the statistics don't lie and that's a good thing but dang I been washing my hands for that recommended one minute since March and wearing masks and using disinfectant and whatnot and I still caught the stupid covid, whereas ppl around me who were nowhere near as diligent and denied the pandemic's effect are doing ok. Idk. I've never been really ill so this bummed me...I guess I wanted to say hyper hygiene is just as bad :| and luck is a factor.

@eli_arts @fribbledom the sad hidden secret to the hand-washing and masks is that they do more to prevent you spreading covid to others than they do to prevent you from getting it. Those other folks around you who haven't been as diligent didn't catch it because you stopped it from reaching them.

@Vordus @fribbledom
awesome right :') I hate that i could be considerate to others but the others not to me, and now I've been coughing in isolation for a month straight.... ah well. perhaps I get karma points or whatever.

@fribbledom mhmm, and much of it is unflattering. from way back before lockdowns, when the instruction how to wash hands caused the first time i’d ever seen a queue form at the sink in the gym changing rooms, to ‘teaching people how to wash hands’ being all it took to take out a steady cause of death we’ve been having for practically forever, it doesn’t make us look all too civilised.

but if it means we’ll finally get round to adopting simple measures that other countries had working in their favour for years, i’ll take it.

Most of the other viruses have probably been classified as Covid! Similar symptoms mainly.
In the US deaths from heart attack dropped about 95%!
Covid generally has flu like behaviour that it could be "this season's flu variety".
Records & stats are shown to be all over the place.
Same cleanliness behaviour with HIV & no decrease in cold/flu then, or with the other sars viruses!

@fribbledom I've been sanitizing every surface and Thing people touch in my store every day this year and every time I do I think to myself "We literally Did Not Do This at all before, this should probably keep happening"

@fribbledom This is such a good point. A pal of mine in Australia said that flu cases are down like 90%. It’s incredible what just washing your damn hands and staying home when you’re sick does. We could have been doing this the entire time!

@deneb @fribbledom wearing a mask when sick and other people around is probably a good idea too.

@jasper @fribbledom Absolutely! I’m really hoping that we can normalize wearing a mask when one’s sick from now on. I know that I will do it the next time I have a cold and need to be out for any reason.

@fribbledom My wife was just telling me about an article like that the other day. I think folks are slowly beginning to discuss that finding.

@fribbledom For sure, like how many suicides have happened because their careers got stomped flat by lockdowns.

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