Facebook: "You have new friend suggestions!"

<List of all the people I'm trying to avoid>


"Using" would be greatly exaggerating it 😂


Right? If I weren't trying to avoid them, I would have friended them already.

@c0debabe @fribbledom Back when I was on Facebook a significant number of suggestions and requests came from the same people who bullied me in Jr and Sr High School.


@c0debabe @fribbledom I get it. Maybe they changed. Maybe they're better people now, just as I'm a better person now.

I'm willing to believe that.

Doesn't mean I'm willing to interact with them again, though.

When I still had Facebook back then in 2016, my blocklist was five times as long as my friend list because I've blocked EVERYONE from school so I could have more freedom of speech as in I don't get bullied in school for things I've posted

I really really DON'T want to be on a social network that "everyone" uses
@isi @fribbledom I'm so glad not even myspace was around when I was in school! :blobfoxscared:

Among other things I hate about facebook, this is number one, when I react against racism, racists report me to facebook for reacting against their racisms and that how I got harassed

bad language 


Site: Log in with Facebook
Me: Fuck off

@fribbledom This is facebook's equivalent of gently tapping you on your shoulder and saying: let it go, mate... :bloblaugh:

or worse, people you'd wish weren't reminded of your existence, because if you get the suggestion, they'll likely got it too.

@fribbledom I typically avoid everybody who has an account in one of the FB networks, yes...


That was what finally pushed me away. Except in my case, it wasn't people I knew but wanted to avoid, it appeared to be long lists every time I went on of total strangers that neither I nor any of my friends knew existed. No matter I kept rejecting all of them, more kept appearing.

And of course only seeing my friends' posts if I went to their timelines while mine was filled with unwanted ads. I know others that dropped them for the same reason.

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