Finally some positive news out of the White House.

@fribbledom Except that now he's gonna have more time to tweet...

@mr_greeb @fribbledom Whoopsie... thanks for sharing that. I was assuming, of course, a not very severe case. (Can't believe that somebody is monitoring how much he tweets.)

hey the white house doctors are basically saying he's doing one-armed pushups atm so how bad can it be right? 


i'm principally against the death sentence and he can live until he's 200 or whatever the doctor said four years ago for all i care but when it comes to the severity... i'll stop here. don't mind me


@mr_greeb @fribbledom When I heard he got it I thought, well, maybe if it gets bad enough he'll finally figure out that he needs to do something about it. Then I reminded myself of who we were dealing with...

@fribbledom I wait for the dog whistle that the deep State Democrats infected Donald Trump with some kind of gene manipulated super Corona to sabotage his great work... 🤮

I don't see how this will help him. Sympathy is weak for him. Maybe its like a mercy fuck with an ex boyfriend because they aren't getting laid, but how often do women do that? In my opinion he desperately needs to win re-election because there's a line of people out the door and all the way around the building - who want to arrest him the moment he is no longer president. His re-election pushes many of the offenses out past statute of limitations.

@fribbledom I am concerned if he has a mild case he'll then wonder what everyone is complaining about, making a big deal over nothing, etc. Then it'll be worse than it is now. He'll really say that there is no reason to distance or take any precautions and even more people will ignore the guidelines and cause further infections and deaths.

@Ebrill @fribbledom Well, it appears that your concern was well-founded. That didn't take very long.

@haru @fribbledom yeah...I didn't want to be right about this.

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