📣 mastotool v0.2.2 - displays statistics about your Mastodon account and lets you search your toots!

Minor bugfixes:

- Automatically prefix 'https' if the protocol is missing from the URL
- Improve table rendering
- Show helper text for empty tables

@fribbledom Hi, the table is still a bit inconsistent. But otherwise, very nice tool 👍

@fribbledom ok I have downloaded the install file, very little knowledge, what command lines do I need for terminal (got linux app on chromebook) My files/Downloads/go1.15.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz

@Yes2020 @fribbledom you need to download the precompiled binary. For your architecture it's this one:

Extract the archive. Mark it executable. Then run it from the terminal.

@ksynwa @Yes2020

Right on! The executable is actually already +x, so you can just start it.

@fribbledom @ksynwa not got it working yet.....but it's got me using the linux app on chromebook and (trying) understanding the terminal and commands, so that's down to your post. Well and truly down the rabbit hole of the power of linux again. Thank you.

@Yes2020 @fribbledom if you can post about what hindrances you face I might be able to help you out a bit. Cheers.

@fribbledom I've just decided to put it into my repos (YUM/APT) at – please ping me whenever a new release shall be added, as I need to do that manually (note I needed to marginally rename the files so my repo mechanisms work, and I only picked the i386 and amd64 packages).

For those who want to use it, instructions on adding the repo to your local package manager:



@fribbledom Maybe you like to add a pointer to the Readme that packages (DEB/RPM for i386/amd64) can also be installed/updated via my repo? Easier for those who want to keep them updated automatically, if the package management takes care for that 😉

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