Looking for a service that monitors all my watched GitHub repositories for new releases - and ideally provides them as an RSS feed.

There must be... something?


That's for just one repo, though. Of course I could use an RSS multiplexer, but then I'd still need to manually manage the list of RSS feeds there.

I was hoping this could directly integrate with the GitHub "Watch" feature.

@nathand @fribbledom That and at the bottom of your "home" dashboard you can subscribe to your personal feed. And there you go. Main downside, if you really want the releases only, you can't subscribe to anything else, like issues or alike.


That's also what I suggested but @fribbledom was not impressed ;-)

@fribbledom Subscribing to the RSS feed of each watched repository instead of wathing 'em ? 😬

Debian uses a debian/watch file, which afaict is precisely what you're looking for. It uses the 'uscan' program.

GitHub has a personal rss feed, which includes releases I think.

@fribbledom github itself provides rss (atom) feeds for the release pages:<username>/<repository>/releases.atom

Now you only need to find a way to extract your watched repos & insert it in your RSS-reader's config

@fribbledom ah, others gave the same hint. sorry for the duplicate...

@fribbledom the RSS Reader I installed yesterday can provide categories as a new feed. I assume most can. So put the feeds from GitHub in there and put them all in a category? I don't think you can get a combined feed from GitHub :/


Indeed mine does, too. However that would mean I have to manage another list of feeds manually. I was hoping for something that integrates with the existing "Watch for Releases" feature on GitHub.

@fribbledom Github -> Watch -> Release Only

Or am I missing something..?

@fribbledom Sure, you get a private rss feed that includes _all_ your subscriptions. Might need a separate account just for the release feed. It's the most straight forward way.


Nah, there must be a better way 😄 Probably just have to write it myself.

@fribbledom I'm certain someone already coded exactly what you're looking for. I coded a bunch of tools to handle many many feeds over the years, but now I'm taking a back seat.

Good luck!

@fribbledom Straightforward != better - I'll give you that ;-)

@fribbledom But you could also use the REST or GraphQL APIs to grab events repeatedly. I use that with my account to have a semi-real-time feed of all the events generated in Québec (according to user location).

But that uses custom code.

@fribbledom Using the API, I poll once every 2-3 minutes and get events for 25,000 users at once (well, at most 300 events - but that's plenty and covers everything).

@fribbledom Anyhow, it sure beats polling 25,000 individual feeds where nothing happens 95% of the time...

I hate polling, long live PubSubHubbub! (ya, WebSub now, so quaint ;-)

@fribbledom this! Combined with adding tags to the repos for personal organization. Ideally multi-platform (github, gitlab, gitea-instances)

Ok, I'm dreaming. Perhaps really a new project? 😁

@fribbledom I follow individual repo releases via RSS by adding a “.atom” to the URL, e.g .../releases.atom. Not aware of a service for an RSS feed for all my watches repos though 🤔


A long time ago I built something and my former colleagues did something with that… :D

@fribbledom I'm pretty sure you can find an XML/RSS feed if you dig around in the page source.

@fribbledom I am not sure whether it exports RSS feeds, though 🤔

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