🎉 Check out BubbleTea, a powerful little framework for fancy terminal UIs, that I have been working on with @meowgorithm and!

Obviously a framework without components would be like a Bubble Tea without Bubbles. Of course you got to have a bunch of Bubbles!

(Totally inspired by The Elm Architecture)

reddit comment: "Wow! Terminal can look THIS good??"


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reddit comments just getting better:

"This looked too good to be true, and indeed I misread functional as fictional and almost scrolled right by. Awesome work!"


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@fribbledom @meowgorithm Very impressive. Gonna have to play around with that soon.

@fribbledom @meowgorithm meh, looks like I have to start coding #golang, just to use your fancy frameworks 🙈

@fribbledom @meowgorithm

i'm starting to wonder about tech projects with names like "Bubble Tea". it's getting to where someone says "I'm a big fan of BurnedCloveSoup and turns out they mean some obscure fork of Ruby on Rails or something.

@Nikolai_Kingsley @fribbledom fwiw, in this case TEA is an ancronym for The Elm Architecure, which we based the framework on. But we needed it to be cuter, hence the nod to the Taiwanese beverage. 😜

@fribbledom how the heck are you doing that gradient effect on the progress bar?

@fribbledom I mean, are you doing anything fancier than just writing consecutive block characters with different colors?


Turbo Vision is indeed a lost framework & piece of art, that we would desperately need on the command line these days. It has been and still is so far ahead of everything that came after it, it's almost unbelievable.

@fribbledom I'm so tempted to nerdsnipe myself into making a modern text GUI that's terminal friendly and isn't just ncurses horrors :)

@brion @fribbledom I'm sure there is still plenty of scope to create a modern terminal based DE that can call up a X (or Wayland whatever) window for 24bit colour graphical applications, and for everything else, a well designed keyboard (& mouse/trackpad) friendly navigable environ that can perform all your daily requirements in a lightweight and slick experience...

@Coffee @fribbledom niiiiiiiiiiice I wonder if that works in the new Windows Terminal, they tried to make it pretty full featured :)

Something to try later


It does look really good, and the tools written with it so far are really snappy.

I'm just a little hesitant about the charm cloud. Do you know anything about it?


Using the cloud is entirely optional (and doesn't affect bubbletea at all). I assume you're referring to glow here, though?

For what it's worth, it's all open-source and everything you store in the "charm cloud" is locally encrypted & decrypted with a generated SSH key-pair. I can only invite people to review our code to see there is no way for us to decrypt *any* of your data.

@fribbledom Yep glow.

I'm mostly just wondering if the tool generates a new ssh keypair, or if I can provide my own.


It generates its own keypair per default, but we will let you specify your own key in the (very) near future!

@fribbledom @meowgorithm It’s not so much a TUI library, but if you’re a Python dev, a good library for console output formatting is Rich:

I’ve used it for colored logs and table displays and it’s pretty nice.

@fribbledom @meowgorithm this looks amazing! I’ve been struggling with a lot of the other TUI libraries, will definitely try this out.

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