Glow 1.0 is out, and it's a big update to your beloved console markdown reader!

👀 Find all markdown in a project
🌈 Integrated high-performance pager
🐿 Stash your docs in Mr. Charm Cloud to read anywhere
🗝 Stashed stuff is private and encrypted

Get it:

Watch the little trailer, it's... ❤️❤️❤️

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If you've watched the trailer and now have the sudden urge to find your old 80's computer and that dusty 14" CRT monitor in the attic...

You're welcome! Enjoy that nostalgia trip! 😊

@fribbledom "...that dusty 14" CRT monitor..." in the '80s!?! What are you, a millionaire!?!

@fribbledom Interesting. However, no formula found in taps while trying to install it with homebrew. Where is it to be found (it's been a while since I used homebrew so I don't remember all their terminology)?

@fribbledom It worked the second time, so there must have been some kind of glitch. Thanks for making this!

@fribbledom Are you no longer supporting Windows? I thought it was pretty great I could use glow on both Windows and Linux with earlier versions.


There isn't a Windows version of v1 yet, but we're working on it, promised!

@fribbledom Awesome! I guess I'll go with WSL on Windows while I wait. 😀

@fribbledom OK that's a good little intro. Kuddos to whoever made it. It worked.

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