🎉 duf v0.4.0 is out, a user-friendly alternative to 'df'!

What's new?

- Hide filesystems with --hide-fs
- Theme & styling options
- Auto-detects terminal theme
- Support for OpenBSD
- Support for Windows

Get this yummy tool here: 😋

@fribbledom the way the flags work is kinda weird to me, is that a standard go thing? it wants a single dash before a long option and seems to have no short options at all

the examples in the readme all use double dashes, which does work and is much more intuitive, but doesn't seem to be what the program expects

does that make sense :blobcattilt:


Both single and double dashes work. Yes, that's the default behavior of Go's flag package.

@fribbledom huh. weird decision on the package designers' part :blobcatgooglyshrug:

the actual functionality is real nice though, i especially like combining duf --json with jq :blobfoxuwu:

@fribbledom I like this a lot. It was super easy to install from the AUR too! <3


Depends on your AUR helper. For example: yay -S duf


@fribbledom @faizalr I have no clue what Manjaro usually comes with; is yay common on there?


You'll have to either build yay from source or download a binary.

@fribbledom @faizalr @Ted the good news is that you only need an iq of 105 to compile software


That's really not the case. If you're following the guides step-by-step, compiling software is typically a lot easier than using it.

Usually all you have to do is copy & paste a few lines of shell commands.

Really understanding the build process and what's going on in the background... that's a different subject, obviously.

@Ted @faizalr

@fribbledom @Ted @faizalr I've been using Slackware for over 20 years so maybe I'm just biased...

@fribbledom @fuck @Ted @faizalr I do wonder sometimes how different attitudes to, and adoption of FOSS would be if 'compiling' had been called 'installing from source' from the start.

@faizalr @fribbledom not too deep of a rabbit-hole to go down in that case (at least in theory).

However, try following the linuxconfig post I linked, and see if that gets you anywhere?


On Manjaro? Let’s take a look online! I have no clue. Ooh, there’s a GUI thing to enable AUR stuff? Nice. Have a look here. Any interesting errors you experience? I have no clue but will try to figure it out.

My experience was simply as such: [tedster@injector ~]$ yay -S duf :: There are 3 providers available for duf: :: Repository AUR 1) duf 2) duf-bin 3) duf-git Enter a number (default=1): 3 :: Checking for conflicts... :: Checking for inner conflicts... [Aur:1] duf-git-r60.dac0c7d-1

@piggo @fribbledom guess you just need a font that rounds the box-drawing characters


That's the correct output then. You can manually specify the Version and CommitSHA if you insist on giving it a proper version number.

See the .goreleaser.yml file for how you can pass these values to go build.

@fribbledom aahh! That explains.
Duf is my absolute first introduction to golang. Haven't even looked at the code yet. :)


No worries, happy to help out!

You can try this, for example:

go build -ldflags '-X main.Version=v0.4.0 -X main.CommitSHA=123456'

@fribbledom that looks pretty neat..I’m gonna try that out. 😊

@fribbledom hmm. i bet i could add sixel support for that without too much trouble.

@fribbledom I liked this very much. Easy to install, and works beautifully.

@fribbledom Cool will use that instead of df -h where I can. 👍

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