🎉 duf v0.4.0 is out, a user-friendly alternative to 'df'!

What's new?

- Hide filesystems with --hide-fs
- Theme & styling options
- Auto-detects terminal theme
- Support for OpenBSD
- Support for Windows

Get this yummy tool here: github.com/muesli/duf 😋

@fribbledom the way the flags work is kinda weird to me, is that a standard go thing? it wants a single dash before a long option and seems to have no short options at all

the examples in the readme all use double dashes, which does work and is much more intuitive, but doesn't seem to be what the program expects

does that make sense :blobcattilt:



Both single and double dashes work. Yes, that's the default behavior of Go's flag package.

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@fribbledom huh. weird decision on the package designers' part :blobcatgooglyshrug:

the actual functionality is real nice though, i especially like combining duf --json with jq :blobfoxuwu:

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