🎉 Check out BubbleTea, a powerful little framework for fancy terminal UIs, that I have been working on with @meowgorithm and toby@mastodon.technology!


Obviously a framework without components would be like a Bubble Tea without Bubbles. Of course you got to have a bunch of Bubbles!


(Totally inspired by The Elm Architecture)


reddit comment: "Wow! Terminal can look THIS good??"


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@fribbledom how the heck are you doing that gradient effect on the progress bar?

@fribbledom I mean, are you doing anything fancier than just writing consecutive block characters with different colors?


Turbo Vision is indeed a lost framework & piece of art, that we would desperately need on the command line these days. It has been and still is so far ahead of everything that came after it, it's almost unbelievable.

@fribbledom I'm so tempted to nerdsnipe myself into making a modern text GUI that's terminal friendly and isn't just ncurses horrors :)

@brion @fribbledom I'm sure there is still plenty of scope to create a modern terminal based DE that can call up a X (or Wayland whatever) window for 24bit colour graphical applications, and for everything else, a well designed keyboard (& mouse/trackpad) friendly navigable environ that can perform all your daily requirements in a lightweight and slick experience...

@Coffee @fribbledom niiiiiiiiiiice I wonder if that works in the new Windows Terminal, they tried to make it pretty full featured :)

Something to try later

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