As my old boss used to say: "I don't get why programmers get paid that much. It's all just a bunch of for-loops!"

@fribbledom I'm guessing he didn't go very far in that line of work?

@fribbledom Even if they were a bunch of Fruit Loops, programmers would *still* get paid a lot.

@fribbledom reminds me of apocryphal tale of the person who queried a £100 boiler callout charge when all the specialist did was tap it with a hammer, and received back an itemised bill:

Tapping with hammer £0.50
Knowing where to tap £99.50

@fribbledom Our version at work is "it's just a query, right?"

@fribbledom And writers just put words after other words. How hard can it be?

@fribbledom Someone said: I didn't yet get how do you play with computer and earn money? - His mom asked after 30 years of programming.

@fribbledom You get payed one cent per iteration that's why there's so many loops.

@fribbledom “If I were a programmer, I’d just tell the computer what to do.”

@fribbledom Insight into outsourcing and ageism nicely summed up.

@fribbledom I've heard just about the same thing from a customer, who wanted a large overhaul of his custom-built CMS, with done-yesterday for next to no pay;

"It's just HTML, how hard can it be?"

.. when said CMS was purpose-built for producing 1200+ page print catalogs with all their 35000+ articles.

@fribbledom I was recently trying to figure out how to do something in R (that would be trivial in Perl) and a much better R programmer in lab said, “I guess you could just use a loop”. The floor opened up beneath her and she disappeared in a puff of brimstone.

@fribbledom I don’t get why accountants get paid that much. It’s all just basic arithmetic operations.

@fribbledom boss gets paid more and he just sits there writing emails so whatever man

@muesli If they wanna pay me per for-loop I can well adjust the code... Whatever the boss demands...
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