I'm really excited for the new Xbox and PS5, can't wait to buy them in 2022!

In the meantime I'll be busy playing all the five-dollar-a-pop games from the (now still) current gen.


No, they're coming out in a few weeks. I'm just not going to buy them until the first or second price drop.

@fribbledom @loki I'll probably buy the PS5 as soon as I see it in a shop, like the fool I am.

That said, it'll probably be hard to find one in the first few weeks anyway since the demand is always higher than supply, even for consoles that ends up being complete failures.

@fribbledom @loki as per usual Sony haven't even made enough PS5s to go around, so even if you had the cash you'd be waiting 6-12 months before they're caught up :P

@fribbledom I'm probably waiting about the same amount of time on the XSX. I am getting the PS5, just so that I can play my ~500 PS4 games at a higher framerate, on a quieter console. I skipped out on the PS4Pro.
@fribbledom when the PS5 drops i'm thinking of getting a PS3 that supports PS2 backwards compat

@fribbledom The used X360 market used to be a treasure trove for me. Every Christmas my other half would just buy me a load because they were so cheap.


Same! X360 is easily my most favorite console to collect games for.

@fribbledom I'm hoping that a lot of my games will be backwards compatible with the new X too.

There are so many games I've been meaning to re-visit and actually finish.

I still have the X360. It's just sat gathering dust since I got a PS4, so I could just plug it back in...

Hmm, I have a feeling this weekend is going to be incredibly unproductive.

@fribbledom i used to buy consoles when they first came out. this generation i waited until the mid generation revised model. next generation i might not buy it until it's fully been superseded.

@fribbledom I feel like 90% of new games will probably actually be just great on my work PC (as long as I put a GPU inside a bit higher spec than my work actually requires). Game Pass, uPlay+, EA Play etc making some new AAA games cheap digital rentals all exist on PC so it's really only PS5 exclusives (& Sony games aren't fast to arrive on PS Now rental) that'll eventually tempt me.

@fribbledom They missed their chance to name a successor Xbox/370, but I hope they will fix it and make Xbox/390 and then z/Box.

naa, they'll just stick a "Mark II" at the end because market laws require that you cannot follow the same naming convention for more than two products in a row.

@fribbledom The PS5 is attractive, but I can't think of a game that's a system-seller for me. Back in the Xbox days, it was Halo. With the PS4, it was Dark Souls III and Bloodborne combined. I'll have to look at the upcoming games again, but I've looked at it before and I don't remember any, so they must not have been that compelling.

As a Linux PC gamer, sometimes I get the PS4 version of a game (DSIII) for compatibility.

@fribbledom "That's my secret, Captain, I'm *always* playing 3-10 years old games for cheap."


@renatoram @fribbledom unexpected benefit of not having enough time to play everything you want: gaming becomes really cheap when you can wait literal years before picking up the GOTY version with all the trimmings for like $15-20 on a Steam sale.

@kungtotte @fribbledom exactly. And in the meantime they might even have it ported natively to Linux (that's how I bought/played Tomb Raider and its 1st sequel... starting the 3rd soon because I for once actually have a modern gaming computer).

In my case, I've bought some games on GOG which I didn't find time to play when they came out...

Even though I avoid Steam because I hate DRM and monopolies, thanks to GOG I have the same issue of having bought more games than I can possibly play through, for at least a few more years. Thanks to GOG, I've also found and bought some indie titles which I now prefer over a lot of AAA fare.
@renatoram @fribbledom

@fribbledom I'm still hoovering up £3 DS games from the generation-before-last!

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