Sorry for boasting, but I can't deny sitting at #1 on HackerNews does kinda feel good πŸ˜‚

Glow, markdown reader for the terminal with a TUI and encrypted cloud stash:


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@fribbledom Updooted. ^_^ (Isn't it such a warm, fuzzy feeling? =:)

@fribbledom so funny that i just saw, because earlier today i was looking for exactly this! nice work!

@fribbledom Oh yeah, I was going to try this at work, propably should also put it on my pi and other termainal thigns

I have less of those than I want these days

@fribbledom Have you thought about supporting Gemini? Kind of like another class of MD to access - local, stash, remote and Gemini, although it's a bit more interactive.

@albi @fribbledom I was thinking similar and I think it might actually be fairly easy to accomplish via an http to Gemini proxy that also rewrites the markdown into what Glow is expecting - I think you’d only actually need to rewrite the link format?

@fribbledom surprised to see the installation instructions don't include ubuntu/Debian based distros - is there reason for that?


We link to the deb packages from the README. As soon as there's an official Debian package we'll add install instructions for that, too.

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