"In a high-trust society, you don't need a lot of surveillance. The surveillance is even undermining the trust: it's punishing people who look suspicious, but do the right thing.

In a low-trust society, surveillance can be the better trade-off.

The US is currently making a transition from a relatively high-trust to a low-trust society, so the surveillance will increase."

-- Joscha Bach

@signaleleven @fribbledom

Between making absolutely sure your significant other isn't secretly planning to murder you and leaving your wallet on the stairs in front of your appartment because you trust that nobody would be enough of a jerk to just steal it.

Surveillance is an expression of distrust.

@fribbledom Do you have a link to the source of the quote? Joscha is an extremely smart guy and I expect the whole conversation or talk this is from is worth listening to.


He is indeed. Here's the entire podcast:

Careful, this is 3 hours long, but worth every minute of it.

@fribbledom the surveillance has been increasing for two decades. the transition has been happening for two decades.

@fribbledom I truly wish that Orwell's 1984 would be fiction again!

@fribbledom I don't think the USA has ever been a high trust society in my lifetime. Maybe the lack of trust is just finally hitting the average, white upper middle and richer classes?

@fribbledom Hoy, where do I even BEGIN with how inaccurate and messed-up it is?

> In a high trust society, you don't need a lot of surveillance.


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