I often find content warnings a bit excessive and - as a reader - a cumbersome user experience.

But I also understand that people want and need more control over what they get to see and read, on a more granular level.

I wish people could block or unsubscribe from specific hash-tags, so I could use them as a "softer" warning.


...and while we're at it:

I think following only specific hash-tags of a user would also be nice.

I can't be the only one?

That would also mean people probably start using hash-tags in a sensible way again (I would hope) and would bring a whole new semantic level to the content here.

...and maybe it could even be separate from hash-tags. Much like the CW, let me (optionally) set a topic or two on each post.

Make topics behave like a sub-feed of each user, that can I follow or block explicitly.

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Sorry for brain dumping without doing any research first.

Sometimes one just needs to get it out 😆

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I think a toot topic idea is feasible. Max three.

@fribbledom sub feed could be useful, but I think only a very small fraction of users would use them, so it would be of rather limited use.

I think that groups would be a much more useful feature. Groups were implemented in GNU Social as far as I know, and I really hope they come back in Mastodon and Pleroma.

@loke @fribbledom
Groups are good if we manage to handle the spams they attract.

I think sub-feed will be well adopted if they guarantee a better audience.
If the functionality is implemented, and followers are rude about how followed person abide to the sub-categorizing rules. I, as a follower, will unfollow someone who fail to categorize his toots, and where I am not interested in 50% of his toots.

@fribbledom there was a link aggregator built around topics in this way that I found really interesting, but sadly is a dead project. There's a new one, littr.me that I hope incorporates topic tags.

I'd love the option to follow hashtags and even users only discussing certain topics, or filtering out certain topics. Unfortunately hashtags aren't popular on fedi really, and so information is less organized. There is nothing stopping us from doing this filtering client side though. Fedilab does quite a bit similar to this.

@fribbledom Being able to combine hash tag filtering with account filtering would be awesome. More so if you had it based on pseudo groups (e.g., people I follow).

100% agree with the hashtag filtering.

@fribbledom I decided that if I ever create a front-end for Mastodon, it would probably be arranged like an IRC client (or Discord, Slack) where you could create a channel out of a hashtag (or set of them). That way, you could see the topics that match when you're ready for that topic.

It would be different from the multi-column layout because it is behind that click to see the results (besides maybe an unread count).


Yeah, I had similar thoughts for . Alas, another project that's currently a bit blocked but I'd love to get back to and polish.

@fribbledom One thing I really liked about Diaspora was the entire circles approach (Google+ used it also). It fit well with the immense variety of circles I seem to intersect.

But, too many projects. :) I'm struggling enough with the ones I have now, so I had to push it back and just live with what I have.


I think it would be a good idea if user has to set his interests as hashtags in his profile. Then he would choose at least one of these hashtags (or a default _misc_) for every toot.

Followers would then choose some or all of these hashtags for every person they follow.

@fribbledom the problem with hashtags is they're ugly and nobody wants to use them

@xnx38h @fribbledom inlining your semantics in your content is bad because it ruins flow and is visually noisy
sticking them all at the bottom is bad because it ruins the visual weight of the content, has... the wrong cultural resonance in a way i can't quite identify, etc.

tagging should not be quite so visible. if anything should be below the fold, it should be semantic tagging

@xnx38h @fribbledom
> hashtags are ugly
Isn't that only a rendering problem in the user's interface? If I could be sure #RichardStallman could be rendered as an underlined RichardStallman, I would use hashtags liberally.

We have an internal algorithm/process. Basically a way of skipping over posts in such as way that we get a more balanced feed from all people.

Its not lossy either, so if we like we can go back and look at posts we skipped over.

@fribbledom We have all that (and more) at qoto. And yes, they are pretty cool features.

@fribbledom this would basically enable "channels" for a user, and yes it would be really nice (assuming it becomes pervasive enough that users remember to tag their posts 😆 ).

It would mimic one of the many great features of g+ that many of my friends who where power users sorely miss. Some of your contacts want to follow your politics (or hobby, or music) posts, some would prefer just one. It'd be nice.

@fribbledom Its interesting but I'm not sure if I get it right. If we were to choose to see only pre-defined hashtags from specific users, how could we be aware of their content with new (therefore unselected) hashtags ? Would there be a risk to get stuck in a box of familiar and pre-validated content, while its important to keep an open mind and ways to think "out of the box" ?


Possibly, but that's up for you to decide. You'd probably have to check their profile every now and then. Alternatively, there could be a notification when a user, which you already follow for other topics, starts using a new topic.

@fribbledom Yes. People have many different interests and usually you don't share all of them. It would be nice to have kind of "sub-feeds" on different topics people can individually subscribe to. I tried to use different accounts for different topics (as I run my own instance that's no problem), but that's not really a good solution.

Hmm... I seldom use hashtags at all, and not often consistently. So that could become cumbersome, or lots of people would miss out on stuff.
Using lots of hashtags is also encroaching on the toot length limit, so that's not the best thing IMO.

Defining per-account "channels", though, could be nice if you toot about very different topics to overlapping audiences (for non-overlapping audiences, a second/third account would prbly be better)

@fribbledom I definitely want this. When I first read the description of Google+ (hah, remember that?), that’s what I’d hoped they were doing with Circles, but they got it exactly backwards.

I agree. I post about Art, Tech and sometimes other stuff, and I'm pretty sure most people are only here for some of that stuff. Content Warning has this aura of "NSFW" which doesn't really seem to fit the way they are used. I think controllable topics would de-stigmatize that, at least for me.

@fribbledom you are not the only one.
Here I suggested to Eugen to look into adding what called : mastodon.social/@FiXato/103046

Following and unfollowing hashtags on a per-user basis would be a good addition to that, or decent enough alternative to it altogether.

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