Anything to make the US angry :)
I suspect there's a silent agreement that he should not talk about Russian politics, and he will probably stick to it because he's got no choice.

@Mr_Teatime @fribbledom youtube.com/watch?v=hLC2WbIaq_ Maybe some PR (dust in the eyes)...
Snowden have the wisdom. (as in en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisdom).
He is well aware there is no point involving with discussions around the "whos-dick-is-smaller" competition that the "Western democracies" call "politics".

@_1751015 @fribbledom

Hmm... yeah, if Putin says there were "strict rules and control", then that certainly makes it so because why would he know something unfavourable about his own government and not say it?

@Mr_Teatime @fribbledom The same applies to "depleted uranium is safe" or "Iraqi weapons of mass destruction exist". See the next comment thread...

Germany refused to join the Iraq war precisely because they thought (and the UN, no less, agreed) that the WMD stiff was just made up.

If one country does a stupid, then the ruler of another, opposing, country pointing out the stupid, or using it to their advantage does not make them any better or worse.

Any evil perpetrated by the US does not equalize any of the shit done, and still being done by Putin. Whose nuklear waste storage policy speaks for itself, btw..

Your ability to change topics is worrying.

You're not saying it but you imply that US crimes mean Putin was somehow a "good guy".

If you rape someone, and then you go and rescue a puppy which someone threw in a dumpster -- thanks for saving the puppy but you're still a rapist.

Even if the person you raped was a serial killer: You're *still* a rapist.


@fribbledom It's a shame that the Russian Govt is doing this mostly to make western "democracies" look bad while being no better itself, but I have to say I'm real glad that Ed finally has a bit more security in his future…

@phryk @fribbledom Putin had several interviews where he buzzes the CIA/USA about the matter:
Also in some other interview he mentions that there is no extradition treaty between USA and Russia. So there are no legal grounds to blame Russia about this.

And actually there is none yet:
Classic #whitewashing from the "Western democracies".
What are the legal grounds that Snowden should be transferred to USA jurisdiction?

@_1751015 @fribbledom The scary thing about Putin is that he's actually competent at lying with a straight face interspersed with horrid jokes like "Russia won't expel human rights activists lololol" and between-the-lines threats that everybody knows are backed up by the implied violence if necessary.

@phryk @fribbledom Please name one politician influencing the world diplomacy that can't be described in the same way. Also name a European country that openly criticises the USA/UK "diplomacy"...
Talk me through the "en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_inv".
Note the missing ratification from USA of the "scorched earth policy": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocol
Or about the usage of the clustered ammunitions (bombs):
And the USA even postponed the "replacement cluster bombs" because "they can't produce them with under 1% failures"... The usual high level of failure in their military technologies... (fas.org/sgp/crs/weapons/RS2290)
Also tell me more about the "depleted uranium" weapons used in the Yugoslavia for example. I could see the bombs exploding there from my balcony 22 years ago...
Tell about "human rights" and "Western diplomacy"...

Trump is too stupid to lie in a way that isn't laughably obvious.

Merkel is too subtle (and some would say, civilized) to pull creepy "dissidents are gonna end up dead" jokes.

Johnson is basically trying to pull a "lovable idiot" in order to get around outrage.

I could probably list a couple dozen if I was willing to invest the time into researching it…


@_1751015 Putin on the other hand is literal KGB/FSB material – he's proficient at this shit and it's probably a big part of why Russia is that good with and focused on international psyops.

// @fribbledom

@phryk @fribbledom Russia doesn't need to be good at this. Just the USA/UK tandem are very good at shitting their pants:
A child who died in a combat operation: $2,414.

One fact that summarizes the values of the Western human rights, democracy and other similar bullshit...

Or Russia is so good at psyops that actually their troops are shooting kids around the world and they write these to the Americans?

@_1751015 Please either learn how to have a discussion or leave me alone.

I neither have the time nor the patience to accomodate someone who keeps jumping around like an ungulate on amphetamines… :F


@fribbledom Snowden is just Russia's Kasparov, this isn't news.

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