@fribbledom what with this twitch stuff lately also, the RIAA seems to have been having a proper temper tantrum this week.

@fribbledom You know what would be super cool of MS that they totally won't do?


Sadly you have to appeal each case individually. If you start ignoring DMCA takedown requests entirely they're leaving the safety harbor it provides them and that would open the flood gates for thousands of legal battles - not just one.


@fribbledom @mistermonster I was going to say "help you fight cases that abuse the DMCA".

@fribbledom Big oof. Fortunately the source is still distributed in the Debian-based systems at least: You can get them using `apt source youtube-dl` on any machine with the Debian/Ubuntu/whatever source repositories enabled.

@fribbledom The latest version can still be downloaded through PIP though :)

@fribbledom HA! I'd like to see them try to stop screen capturing.

@fribbledom That's just dumb, but not unexpected. I use that gem a lot! I guess they'll next go after all the Firefox YT Download add-ons

Whaaaaat!?! They wanna take away fun from us? No way!

@fribbledom Just saw. Still up on PyPI though, and no doubt more resilient git repos are gonna have it soon.

The RIAA's gonna play a long-ass game of whack-a-mole and I don't feel sorry for them.

@fribbledom Booo.

Death to America (or at least American copyright law)


The youtube-dl licence is the Unlicense, and the DMCA statement gives no claim or evidence of copyright violation by the code. It only talks about the intended use of the code.

Prior to Github being bought by #GAFAM, the Github owners and community might have resisted. With Microsoft in control, there's probably no point.


Youtube-dl will continue to thrive in the free world, in GNU/Linux:


And #QuitYoutubeNow too.



I'm sorry, but no: GitHub never resisted and always played by the DMCA rules. All their DMCA takedowns are publicly available here:


As you can see the history goes back all the way to 2011.

Without that safety net there probably wouldn't be a GitHub today as they would have been sued into oblivion 9 years ago.

@fribbledom A mirror, ~24h old: gitea.eponym.info/Mirrors/yout

You can compare the commit hashes with what have been archived elsewhere. The software is also mirrored by virtually every Linux distribution, so it's not going anywhere.

The RIAA aren't trying to stop you getting the software; they're trying to stop the developers distributing it. We have to wait and see where the YTDL team move their origin repo, now.

@fribbledom This really sucks. youtube-dl may have infringing uses, but it's also necessary for all sorts of noninfringing uses too.

@fribbledom I have to say I'm surprised. Not that the RIAA took this action, rather that it took them this long to take the action.

In the end they lose anyway. Because all these content providers need viewers. If at some point the youtube stuff annoys me too much and adblocker and downloader no longer work, I can live without youtube.

That's all true, but what proportion of potential youtube viewers even knows about youtube-dl, let alone uses it regularly?

I suspect the RIAA too so long because they weren't so concerned -- and there's a good chance it or other software like it will always stay a niche thing.

Well, there's other places to host the code, and I'm sure there's enough copies of the source about.

However... they're likely to go after those other places, too, and after package hosters ... wouldn't it be nice if there were some of those who don't need to care about the DMCA?

Deeee Emmmm Cee-yay!
It's fun to live with the
Deeee Emmmm Cee-yay!
It's a pain in the butt
It is pretty kaputt
But the record companies think it's good!

@Mr_Teatime Debian got it in there git as well, so yes we have enough alternatives I guess.
They already provide a new link for download. Installed it now on every computer in my friends list, just for the fun to spread it. ;)
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