Real programmers measure their output in SPMs: saves-per-minute 😂

@fribbledom i often do a litle change - SAVE - undo it - SAVE - sometimes redo it - SAVE

that's cheating :)

@fribbledom I've seriously been pondering on a measure 'saves per diffset'.

Quite often a single line changed takes hundreds of saves, several hundreds of intermediate changed lines. I like those rare cases.

Where, after refactoring (red green refactor), you condense, and compact. When the fourteen classes and methods you introduce can be turned into two meaningful classes and two small, simple, self explanatory methods.

At least when fixing/improving code, I find a really good measure to be change of total wtf in the code per time spent working.

Total wtf is user wtfs plus wtfs while reading the code, or trying to make it do something that "should be simple".

Reducing user wtf/m quickly means you're effective at targeting the most important wtfs first, but the total is a more sustainable metric because it discourages silly things in code to quick-fix user-side issues.

@fribbledom This is so true--I've long been to the point where I hit ^S in my editor reflexively, basically every time I make any change and then move away.

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