Did you know?

Arch / AUR packages can contain a changelog!

Here's how you can display it:

$ pacman -Qc pkgname

Sadly not too many packages make use of that awesome feature (yet). If you're a packager, please consider adding one to your packages!

If you're curious which of your installed packages already come with a changelog, run this:

$ pacman -Qc 2>/dev/null | grep "Changelog for"

This could come in really handy when updating packages.

Imagine: pacman/yay could diff the changelog between the installed and the new version of the package and show you what has changed since the last update.

@fribbledom Ah yes, 20k lines when everything switches to including that. :-)


Just don't show it (by default) if the previous changelog was empty.


I guess. It's a very valid point one should consider for the implementation, though 🙂

@fribbledom on my arch box I found that 12 out of 675 packages have changelogs...

@fribbledom Sadly on my system only 7 packages have it, 6 of them packaged by the same packager and the changelogs are useless. And then one package that has a real changelog: iwd.

@fribbledom *record scratch* There's not changelogs in arch by default? This did remind me I should reinstall apt-listchanges, which is sadly not installed by default.

@fribbledom Someone should write a generator that generates the changelog from the package's git/svn history during prepare().


That exists, but frankly I'm not sure that's what the user cares about.

Good changelogs contain sentences in plain-english, explaining what has actually changed from a user's perspective.

For developers there's already "git log".

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