Took me a moment to see the hidden Easter egg in this one... 😆

@fribbledom negative space on the end of the flag yeah?
@fribbledom im not sure. is that a yelling trump silhouette?

@fribbledom I was just about to say I didn't see it and then I did. That's some good design.


Looks closer. It's almost shouting at you. If you still can't find it, check the thread.

@fribbledom Is it 51 stars on the flag? Well, it should be 52 tbh, because both PR and DC should be added to the union.

@fribbledom It took me time too, like I coulnd’t find it, but now I can’t unsee it haha

@fribbledom oh I get it, it's because Joe Biden is just another warmongering old white dude and it's funny because the American Empire is just going to keep murdering millions of brown people around the world no matter what without consequences...

That's kind of morbid, but yeah, I get it.

@fribbledom Now I see it. 🙂

Credit to David Parkins for that, according to the name that appears in the image in this article.

@fribbledom after I find someone pointing in the right direction, and i put a bit more distance to my phonescreen I saw it.
And I went "Ooooooh!"

@fribbledom Defining something in terms of what it isn't is kinda sad, but good job.

@fribbledom The real hidden easter egg is when taxes get boosted to the sky for all the programs he wants. Oh, and don't worry, he won't forget the EU - by sponsoring a few more wars in your neighborhood.

@fribbledom wow, that one is good! Hadn't I explicitly looked for it, I'd never had found it. Thanks!

@fribbledom The crude oil coming off the trailing edge of the flag?

Took me several days to see this, but now it's all I can see :-D
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