"Not a lot of violence or any kind of real commotion here, primarily, perhaps, because of just how much marijuana is being smoked. The smell of that is quite pungent in the air right now."

-- Fox News reporter in DC


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@fribbledom need a reverse-reefer-madness extoling the dangers of *not* smoking weed

@fribbledom this is one thing I never got about the choice in which drugs to war on

like I get it alcohol has been part of European culture for centuries, but it makes people angry while weed makes them lazy and I don't know the second seems better for pacifying a population!

@chimerror @fribbledom In US history, it isn't based on the substance itself in anyway. It's based on the most popular stereotype held at the time, as the most used substance by the group of people the government wanted to demonize and prosecute.

In other words the govt wanted to harass group X, it was widely believed group X used substance Y, thus substance Y becomes illegal.

Assumption it starts with the substance will wreck any pattern matching attempts :}

@fribbledom I would like to know from this reporter how it comes he can distinguish it so clearly from other preparations of cannabis just by the smell.

@robjloranger @fribbledom I see, wasn't aware of that.

Non drug user ๐Ÿคท

I actually didn't know there was an actual difference in the words meaning until 3 days ago when I listen to a legal podcast talking about it. (german)

@sheogorath @fribbledom it's legal here, and previously even though illegal it was general acceptable or at least a non concern

@fribbledom "Anyway, err, back to the studio."

"But, I have several more questions."

"Back to the studio!"

uspol adj, drugs 

@fribbledom Maybe one of Beloved Leader's handlers could slip him some super-strength edibles? ^_^

uspol adj, drugs 

@porsupah @fribbledom better yet, give him a massive dose of E and watch him discover empathy.

Amazing cognitive performance:
If they're not "our people" and not peaceful, they're dangerous radicals. If they are peaceful, they're drug users, which are automatically dangerous, too.

If they *are* our people, and theycre not peaceful, well they surely have a good reason to be angry! If they are peaceful itcs because they're virtuously holding back their righteous anger.

Everyone does that on some level, but spelling it out so neatly...

@fribbledom That will change after the PA votes that arrived after the deadline get tossed. Right now, the media has convinced them they've won, so they're complacent.

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