If you're still undecided which console to go with this generation, people have figured out that they can float ping-pong balls on the Series X vent... so I think we have a clear winner.

@fribbledom Oh, they've missed a trick there. It should come with special little weighted and branded Microsoft ping pong balls so the logo can hover above the box 😂

@fribbledom Okay, I am not gonna lie... That is one hell of a tie breaker if I ever saw one.

@fribbledom imagine how much more appealing the Xbox is now to the cat demographic

@fribbledom get a white ping pong ball and green marker an x on it

@fribbledom While the Xbox holds no appeal to me, that is a really neat trick! And it needs it since it's a pretty ugly device.

Yeah, I'm in the Playstation crowd.

@fribbledom Why series x looks worse than a desktop PC? And its more locked down to boot?

I'll stick to the real man's console, lying to yourself about how one day you'll afford a proper gaming pc.

That tells me, the console needs a lot of cooling to generate such a draft.

@nemethon Apparently both consoles were built around cooling.
And there's no filter or anything between the output fan and the grille, which should help with floating stuff above it.

Also according to LauraKBuzz the grille holes are perfect size for crayons, so that's something to watch out for if you have kids.

@nemethon Which is also why I won't be having a Series X around my place. The urge to see how good of a pen holder the grille makes would be too much for me.

@fribbledom but, to lift ash parrish’s joke: the ps5 is flared for her pleasure.

something to consider for the elusive gamer-with-a-girlfriend.

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