Mail from Twitch:

"Until May of this year, streamers received fewer than 50 music-related DMCA notifications each year. Beginning in May, however, major record labels started sending thousands of DMCA notifications each week."

"This means two things:

1) if you play recorded music on your stream, you need to stop doing that.

2) if you haven’t already, you should review your historical VODs and Clips that may have music in them and delete any archives that might."


My wife has gotten DMCA claims from some chucklefuck who doesn't even work for Nintendo for the Zelda opening theme when she's playing Zelda.

Twitch also doesn't even have a counterclaim system, which I'm pretty sure is a DMCA violation?

@locrian @fribbledom Interesting since as far as I remember there are various exemptions and this sounds like one. Can't help researching that though, just mentioning. Probably lessons can be learned from youtube affairs/DMCA rejections.

@fribbledom Honestly, a lot of videogames have "you may not broadcast this" emblazoned on their physical media—certainly the older ones that I tend to play

@PetraOleum @fribbledom Many contemporary games' EULAs have "no broadcasting" clauses as well.


Mind you, these are not my words. You may wanna contact Twitch.

@fribbledom I'm just glad Peertube merged livestream support.


I wish I could find an instance that already supports that, but I guess we'll have to wait a little longer - at least until the next release gets published.


You know what? I just installed it and will do a test-stream with it later today!

Thanks for making this!


@fribbledom Awesome! Let me know how it goes and if you have any feedback. 🎉


First thing I noticed after I just configured a few different video qualities (low, medium, high): in the admin interface they all show up as "0 kbps 24 fps".

Stream seems to work fine tho 😊


Actually looking at the ffmpeg processes it's spawning, it looks like it's still defaulting to 1200kbps, even though I configured stream qualities with 800, 1600, and 2400 kbps respectively.

@fribbledom @gabek at 0 kbps it should be easy to push 144 fps to those of us with gaming monitors please thank you okthxbai ;)

@fribbledom @gabek whoah whoah whoah dude, I DO NOT have a 210 Hz monitor (and my eyes are old)

@garritfra Yes, and full, stable support can't come quick enough.

@garritfra @fribbledom don't make the mistake to believe that if a peertube instance is under US jurisdiction it will not comply with DMCA requests. Any publisher is required to do so.

@fribbledom RIAA is going insane, trying to take the DMCA out I guess?

@gudenau @fribbledom

Probably they got trigger happy now that they can't feed from live events and other pandemic-related stuff?

Some partners are permabanned due to that. I know one who is afraid to stream because of that mess. And those who use the provided database by twitch get flagged too.

@fribbledom this is always a pain. But this is partially why I stream to my own server. Maybe later I'll record it and push it to a peertube instance.

@fribbledom We need to stop paying for music, if this is what the money is being used for.

@fribbledom I should send an email to major record labels, there is a lot of money to be made by sending DMCA notices to clubs, cafés and bars for playing pirated music to their patrons.

@CanisMajoris @fribbledom You don't think they already pay exorbitant prices to be able to play said music?

@fribbledom there is so much music/artists right now that i think it’s impossible to not violate someone copyright. :D (i think in the future with millions of songs current regulations will crumble)

The correct thing for Twitch to write would have been: "Here's the way to appeal them, and here's a few hints on how to appeal them to improve your chances and help us deal with them quicker and easier."

@fribbledom this is a bummer for people like me who like to "watch" art streamers (painting, etc) while we're working. The artist plays background music for hours, we're both happy. Just like I'm listening to a radio station where a friend in the room talks occasionally. And I get to watch them slowly work on cool shit while not being too distracted from my work. (This is 95% of what I watch on Twitch.)


"This means one thing:

1) You need to switch to a platform better and more community-driven than Twitch.

@fribbledom Sounds like they're doubling down on their "there is no such thing as a false DMCA take down notice" stance.
I wonder how long it will take for them to realise DMCA requires for there to be a way to refute the claim and that their EULA is unlikely to override that if it goes to court.

When I stream on twitch I use background music from jamendo radio, for which they sell streaming licences for cheap (about 3 Euro/month for all songs together) As I want to support jamendo anyway, it's a pretty good deal.

@Drops @fribbledom For someone who hasn't streamed yet but is aware about the RIAA and DMCA situation while streaming I wonder how this will prevent you from being called even if you have a legal license? How would they check this upfront I wonder?

Or is the music on Jamendo only available there? This would actually makes then. But else I am baffled.

@fribbledom You shouldn't have to be a legal expert or a professional disc jockey to play video games. As long as there are stupid DMCA laws, Twitch needs to support their customers better. They should have a Shazam bot running in each stream that takes samples against a DB and then mutes the stream. It will put the problem of DMCA right out in front of everybody, which is what needs to happen for change to occur.

@fribbledom @lps Just wait till every home has an Amazon Echo or Google Alexa, they'll send them right to your house;)

@fribbledom horrible, I was watching a stream of Control the other day and the streamer had to mute the music every time.

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