📣 prism v0.1.0

An RTMP stream re-caster / splitter:

Handles incoming RTMP streams (like from OBS) and re-casts them to multiple services, like Owncast, Twitch, or YouTube.

Packages and binaries for pretty much all platforms, here:


Frankly speaking, I have no idea 😄

I've never tried it with nginx. Let me know should you try it out!

@fribbledom Heh that’s a screenshot of my current NGINX config and I’ve been using it for streaming for a few months now. I don’t often enable pushing to Twitch or YouTube though, just my own site

@fribbledom Hmm, I already have this with nginx-rtmp but I can see local command-invoked on-demand functionality being much cleaner and simpler.

Also I don't have to put my stream key in an nginx.conf on a VPS somewhere. That's a plus >_>

@fribbledom holy shit you weren't kidding about "pretty much all platforms"

@fribbledom very cool! I was actually thinking about doing something like this a few days ago. Glad I didn’t 😁

@fribbledom this is something I've been looking for but I'm having some difficulties in using it, can you help me?

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