I think I never posted a Twitter link here, but today that's changing:

Twitter is introducing fucking Twitter Stories (ahem, Fleets), and I figured it's a good time to remind everyone it's finally time to join the Fediverse:

Wanna chime in? Be my guest!

@fribbledom Who are we kidding? Of course it was going to happen sooner or later, ever since YouTube added Vine like stories, TikTok arrived on the scene, and Instagram, Twitter felt left out.

@fribbledom So these are... self-destructing tweets, except they're still stored on Twitter's servers forever but we still pretend that they're not? :blobfoxthonking:

@faoluin @fribbledom Friendica has post expiry except it's a privacy feature.

@likho @fribbledom Unfortunately it's a weak privacy feature at best because it suffers the same flaw as "Fleets" on Twitter or deleted posts on Mastodon. Once your post propagates to a server you can't control, there's no guarantee that the server will actually delete the post at your request. The ones acting in good faith will, but bad actors will not.

@faoluin @fribbledom same as we have here... lots of people I interact with have a post expiration set and auto delete them after a while.

And also those deletion requests can be ignored on federated servers

@fribbledom i got really mad when they decided to "test" it in my country back in march or something lol

@fribbledom Some parts of the #Fediverse are way more of a walled garden than Twitter can hope to pull off tbh. Pretty much disappointed both ways as people are jumping off to Parler.

@fribbledom Didn't Pixelfed recently introduce the stories feature as well?


Oh well, at least in less than a month (Dec 15) we'll no longer be able to see people's #Twitter feeds.

Yep, #Birdsite are deleting #legacyTwitter.

So #AllBirdsOneStone *wink*

On a related note, we had an idea on Fedi tonight while talking to Adam, to use a hosts.txt file in a browser to #strikethrough links that are at bad domains (see #GAFAM, #Twitter etc).

Are there any #openSource extensions that do this? It would be great if when the user hovers over the link a little popup from the extension might say which rule is being broken (eg. breaks "Twitter" rule)

Even better at the OS level but that might break software connections.

@fribbledom someone made a vscode extension to add stories to vscode and the developer ended up selling the extension off.

@fribbledom Strories is a good way to be notified from what and who you don't want to be notified! 😉

I think the fleets thing is for average people who can't be bothered to think about anything, they just want to watch TV. but TV isn't cool anymore, so they just want to watch the internet.
other than that, i'm not sure what it is?

@fribbledom This should have been Twitters default mode from the start.

@io @fribbledom I think the ephemeral idea fits the twitter concept, at least in the early days of twitter, when you only posted what ever was on your mind. I know there are already services for automatically deleting your old tweets after a given time.

@fribbledom I gave up trying to convince Twitter friends to move to the Fediverse. I don't even log in to the birdsite anymore.

@fribbledom Best decision I ever made was to hop on over to the Fediverse. Use of Twitter is inversely proportionate to the enjoyment of using it.

@fribbledom I would chime in but i pinky swore myself i'd never tweet from my twitter account again

@fribbledom "Fleets"? They've really abandoned the whole "bird" theme, haven't they?
Since it should be "flocks".
As in "it's time to form a flock and migrate the fuck out".


I agree, the last thing Twitter needs is another mechanism for spreading ill-thought through hate...

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