You know what? During winter these masks aren't only protecting everyone's health, they are actually quite comfy and warm to wear 👍


If it's not enough, you can add a scarf over them 😉

BTW, Subcomandante Marcos is wearing his mask *under* or *over* his balaclava?

@fribbledom I noticed this very fact today. It's getting cold outside 🎶 ❄️ ☃️

@fribbledom yes i originally wore a buff kakashi style to pre-warm and pre-wet breath and don't catch a cold so easily long before covid...
I say kakashi style to give something a cool look/connotation that's otherwise just hard to explain why i'm doing it...
But it really helped and worked for me...

@fribbledom I saw a post somewhere from someone with asthma who goes jogging, and they reported that wearing a mask had the same effect of reducing coughing and such as the prophylactic use of their inhaler, presumably because it led to the air they were breathing in being warmer and less dry.

@fribbledom Aaaaand I can't find my favorite winter mask this year. No clue where I put it. :(

Which is why I'm wearing one on my way to the office even though I usually don't encounter any other people

@fribbledom Quite the opposite from my perspective. In winter the cold air condenses all the moisture from my breath and the mask gets moist quite quickly, which is very uncomfortable.

@FSMaxB @fribbledom There are plastic structures you can put under your mask which make the breathing space bigger and all the material a bit farther away from your mouth. I've been using that since this year, however my system is a bit different from most people - a cloth tunnel folded in half with unwoven microfilter put inside. It sticks well to my head without any strings to tangle and it also covers the ears.

@FSMaxB @fribbledom reminds me of my ski mask which was a blob of ice healed onto my face at the end of the day. ⛷️

I suspect it depends on the material of the mask and the level of physical activity.

Used to wrap a scarf around my face when skiing in -20°C, and the condensed breath would just freeze it stiff. But a mask is easier removable and less fluffy, so it should catch less ice ...
At 5°C... a mask is nice when walking slowly in strong wind, but I wouldn't go running or cycling too fast.

@fribbledom I don't find them comfortable, but of course we haven't needed scarves here yet in Israel. However, I still wear as it is, at this point, along with social distancing, and hygiene, the best defense.

@fribbledom my asthma can be triggered by breathing in cold dry air and the masks have been so helpful there

@fribbledom My problem is I wear glasses, so when I enter a building they immediately fog because of the mas XD
I still like it. They also conceal your identity, which is neat


Pro-tip from a medical worker I've seen:

"If you’re having a hard time with glasses fogging or keeping your mask up over your nose, a simple bandaid does wonders. Learned it in the OR."

@fribbledom @scifirenegade oh my lord
that is the most helpful tip i've seen all week
hmm, looks a little ridiculous but it might just help

@fribbledom Too bad that study in Denmark completely blew away any chance these masks do anything. But keep on wearing your face-diaper.

@fribbledom somehow Kansas has been throwing out warmer "early fall" type weather the past few weeks, but the few days it has been cold, masks have been awesome! I might even wear them when it's cold after the pandemic is over!😂

@fribbledom They can also be stylistic too, depending on what you're going for. I've just got myself a Sub-Zero and Scorpion mask on the way. :crysalislaughing: :pinkiehappy:

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