I'd love to buy a new Ryzen 5xxx machine, but I feel as great as the benchmarks & specs look like, this has been pretty much a paper-launch:

it's impossible to actually get hold of one of these CPUs - right now 😒

@fribbledom I ordered one the minute orders opened and am back-ordered through to the end of December.

@fribbledom Mindfactory regularly gets them back in stock, but they also sell them a good bit above MSRP


Currently they don't even list them on their site.

It makes sense though. 2 major console releases, 6000 series gpu, and 5000 series cpu, all using the same process, all within a month. Can't really expect there to be a lot of any of them. Expecially during a pandemic.

@fribbledom exactly what I was thinking two minutes ago about the Slimbook Essential. At some point, I might stop believing in the existence of these processors.

I have bought #AMD #Ryzen 4500U laptop 2 months ago.

It is fast machine ;)

#Lenovo Ideapad #Flex5


the point I tried to make is that Ryzen 4000 series is the high benchmark for laptop like you expect 5000 series for desktop


@fribbledom Oh they were available, at the time of launch i have seen stock in Polish and UK retailers.... just didn't wanted to spoil myself...

@fribbledom Absolutely. Glad I've got a 2000 series that still goes strong (eventually it'll be worth doing a drop-in replacement rather than a full rebuild, especially for gaming stamina) but 2020 sure isn't a good year for buying brand new gaming hardware of any sort (and my GPU could really do with some of that ray tracing).

@fribbledom same, 4600 series laptops *without" nVidia GPU are like basically mythical, they still have millions of older series Ryzen machines to get rid of, not to mention all the millions of unwanted Intel based laptops they can't shift...The few Lenovo E14/15 laptops that were available last summer went in seconds!

@fribbledom I gave in and bought this lovely 3950x in the middle of October, deciding not to wait.

@fribbledom yeah, looking at building a machine for FS2020. Nothing is available right now. I assume I’ll need to wait at least until Feb.

@fribbledom Current world events are creating insatiable demand.

@fribbledom finds a few places offering the Ryzen 7 5800X and the 5900X. And the 5800X starts at 600€ which appears to be somewhat above the official recommended price... (price history says it used to be at 400€ at some point). So ... maybe wait a little.

Just saw some benchmarks and started contemplating a CPU upgrade but I tbh I don't have a good reason to buy one in the next few months ... think I'll stop contemplating until prices and availability are sane again

@fribbledom I’ll get mine in a few days. Stocks here in Thailand are low too, but apparently so is demand (same with the RTX 30[789]0 btw).

@fribbledom I wanted an upgrade, but it's near impossible to get any stock here, just like the current Nvidia 3xxx series GPUs. Some shops that *do* have stock has that business practice where if you want it you have to buy a whole build which honestly ticks me off.

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