If you're using Plasma checkout the Lightly style, it's really quite beautiful:

@fribbledom This looks really nice. I think I'll try it out, thanks!

@fribbledom looks ugly. Don't understand all that hype with opacity, transparent and or gradient backgrounds/colors. It's a window, supposed to cover what's behind it. But hey, freedom of choice :pensive_party_blob:


That's completely optional. I'd focus on the other elements.

@fribbledom Fair enough ✊
And at least good that we all have the possibilities to pick what we prefer. Not being dictated by some company... how we have to adapt to them in order to use their system ;)

@fribbledom - What made you settle on arch? I've only dabbled with Arch, Debian 10 powers my main box.


I've been using Suse and Debian since the 90s but I don't really like their packaging tools. With Arch it's super easy to package your own stuff and even make it available on the AUR.

I also like it being a rolling release. That might not be the best idea for regular users, but I just enjoy new software way too much 😅

Still running Debian/Ubuntu on my servers, but it's Arch on all my desktops/notebooks for the past 12 years now.

@fribbledom It even has an AUR entry!
For full activation, don’t forget to activate it in the system setting’s "colors" too.


You even get a whole range of cursor styles & colors(!) to pick from. But I like that particular one myself 😊

Ich bin auf dieses "Lightly"-#Plasma-Theme gewechselt, das auf dem Standardtheme "Breeze" basiert, und bin sehr angetan. Es wirkt alles wie eine logische Weiterentwicklung unter modernen Designströmungen. Ein bisschen Zeta hier, ein bisschen macOS da, trotzdem unverkennbar viel Plasma 5. Ist noch nicht ganz ausgereift für manche Anwendungen, wäre aber ein idealer Ausgangspunkt für das offizielle Theme für Plasma 6!

@fribbledom I tried it a month ago, I really like this theme... But...
I started having problems running Oracle Virtual Box and OBS. Did you have such problems? My problem was that the window would start with a black screen, for many days I thought it's a bug in plasma, and then It realized it was caused by this theme :ablobgrimace:


No such issues here, works fine with VirtualBox and OBS. I think this sounds more like an OpenGL/compositor issue than a problem with the style.

@fribbledom cool, possibly things have changed since I used it last. The KDE devs looked at my logs and found it was a bug in the theme; will try out the latest and let you know :blobangel:


Does look nice, also with my otherwise brighter colour scheme. Like the rounded tabs and tug-me window corners.

Disadvantage: menu bars take up even more space than Breeze, and although I like the new tabs, they hover over (or under) the thing they belong to, and it some cases that means you can't immediately tell which frame they belong to (see pictures: Lightly vs. Breeze)

I wish both were more economic with space, though. Cleanlooks is better but otherwise less pretty.


ohhh great, I accidentally clicked on one of the accessibility themes with oversized elements. It's clearly broken (WTF, that is not nice for people who need these!), and now the theme selector doesn't even open anymore, which means I can't switch back again ...

saved by the commandline:
> lookandfeeltool --list
shows all installed desktop themes
> lookandfeeltool - a <theme>
switches to one of them

Resets the whole theme to default settings, though, so I had to then switch adjust the colours, icon set etc. ... but at least there was no shark attack.

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