Imagine a world without opensource, and the only operating system that exists is Windows.

I seriously wonder: would I still be as excited about computers & tech? Would I have moved on and found another profession in life?

Thanks to everyone involved in opensource. I can't repeat this often enough ❤️ I'd probably not have chosen the path to work in the IT at all. Never build a PC and still be unemployed.
So yes. Thanks everyone!

@fribbledom as weird and crazy of a world open source can be. I love the energy, creativity, and camaraderie.


There won't be Azure, as Microsoft runs Linux on Azure.

Thinks will be really different.

@officialcjunior @fribbledom neither AWS since they use KVM for EC2
Andqmuch more other free software

@fribbledom welcome to the really early 90is. OK FLOSS then exist but nobody talk about it, only a small and lost group of geeks & nerds.

@fribbledom I'd probably still be into computers, but Open Source has been a huge part of my interest in it. When I got my first Raspberry Pi 5 years back, it led me to learn more about computers, programming, and helped in sparking my interest in cybersecurity (along with the cybersecurity club at my high school)

Needless to say, I'm definitely thankful for open source and the open source community! ❤️

...or a world in which webpages are compiled and closed source. I think I would probably be a writer instead.

@fribbledom Hot take: if open source didn't exist, someone would create it.

... maybe it even would have been started by you?

@fribbledom oh.. maybe 😅 I mean who really used OpenSource when e.g. Amiga was a thing? And still those machines kept my fascination and attention for years. And later Windows PC.

@bekopharm @fribbledom Well there were all those mail order lists of public domain, freeware and shareware disks, plus the demoscene, long before Windows.


there would still be alternatives, although commercial ;)
remember OS/2 or all those POSIX OSes?
and Apple emerged from the homebrew scene

@pmj @fribbledom OS/2 is still around as ArcaOS. Microsoft is the reason IBM can't open source the code.

people would probably fight for digital freedon at a much lower level, and start building their own os which is highly complicated as you might have to unlock each and every computer it is running on.

@fribbledom i probably would not be in tech, mainly because the subject would not be diverse enough. But I can't really see things not being open source unless the whole world was like north Korea, maybe in some other dimension is like that lol.

can I just drop in and mention that not long ago, "tech" was short for "technology", not "computer and network stuff"?

I went into "tech" about 25 years ago, before I knew about open source. Aerospace technology. And I'm a little miffed if computer nerds talk as if computers was the only "tech" around.


@Mr_Teatime @fribbledom in that case, 25yrs ago i didn't know what a computer is lol. You are right though that tech means more than just what we refer to our these days.

@fribbledom I don't have to ask the question: No, I wouldn't still be excited about computers!

@alcinnz @fribbledom I'd still be excited about computers - but would Microsoft be as excited about developers?

@alcinnz @fribbledom i would have stayed in mgmt rather continue to work on closed source sw

Withou opennsource stuff, there wouldn't be an internet, otherwise most of the stuff which the non-opensource IT world earns their money with.

But I think it's the other way round: without people being excited about computers and stuff there'd be no open source scene -- and no Windows either, at least not as we know it. Without the open source world making fun of them for decades there'd be less reason to improve, less inspiration on how to, and fewer people able to do it.

@fribbledom I read a dystopian novella 10-15 years ago where everything was closed source and everyone with computing access carried around a dongle with their personalized kernel on it, and you could get in serious trouble if you loaned it to the less privileged and it was discovered.

It was pretty grim.

@fribbledom I might have become a painter instead...


Hey, just joking ;-)

@fribbledom So a world where nuclear power or your Hospital health monitor needs to stop while windows reboots, installs an update then reboots, repeats a few times before hopefully carrying on with monitoring your health.

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