🎉 Owncast 0.0.3 is out! 🎉

This is pretty amazing! An open-source video streaming service that comes with batteries included: live chat, adaptive bitrate streaming, an admin interface.

Think of it as a self-hosted Twitch alternative!



Check out the demo instance:


Brother Soul Here. We Use it. for LABR and it's Proper, through and through.

Big UP.s


@fribbledom Is there a way to configure the port for incoming streams?

@fribbledom Congratulations, and thanks to all the contributors, this looks amazing!

@fribbledom very hyped but whenever I see a curl | bash pipe to install I die a little bit inside 😩


I know what you mean, but just don't use the install script then. While I agree it's bad practice in general, we're really just trying to help people who are a little less comfortable on the terminal - and couldn't otherwise try out Owncast yet.

I'm sure you'll easily be able to build it yourself, though 😊

@fribbledom I will but this introduces "BAD practices" and seriously this works completely unmonitored of any packet manager.

This should not be default.

Meh. Even SNAP is preferred if not for deb and rpm.

Sorry but this requires a server installation and what this does here is raising a new generation of "No idea what I'm doing here but what could possibly go wrong" admins having outdated spam relays on gigabit uplinks in the end.

Leave it to admins to provide this for users.

Will manual install work on Arm? The install script failed on the RPi4 running my current site/streaming server :/


Should work fine, even though I'm not sure if the Pi 4 is capable enough for on-the-fly video encoding.

Cool, thanks! Mine's been doing fine with ffmpeg doing two hls variations, loving it.

@fribbledom I don't know how fast PeerTube is working on this, but Owncast sure looks GOOD!

@fribbledom Second tool like this I've seen here in as many days.
Pretty cool that these projects exist, we might need them someday.

@fribbledom hmm - not sure if it's ok that they're streaming copyrighted movie trailers, presumably without permission... They could be streaming openly licensed movies, e.g.

@fribbledom That is awesome, Are you working on some type of superchat feature so streamers can get paid.

Any attempt been made to build/run this on FreeBSD?


You'll have to build it yourself, but it should be working fine - in theory 🙂

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