Keytap2 - acoustic keyboard eavesdropping based on language n-gram frequencies:

@fribbledom super interesting experiment here- wonder if having a *huge* pool of data and then tuning it per keyboard would make it more accurate.

not sure i'd want to see stuff like this actually being used though.

@nluken @fribbledom If you see it being used then the attackers were clumsy.

@gws @fribbledom haha fair point. guess we need keyboards that make random noises to throw this kind of tech off

@fribbledom I wonder how this reacts to drumming on keys without actually pressing them. With high actuation force switches like MX Greens you can easily do so without actually typing anything, but it still makes a noise.

That same problem exists with voting machines.
In (Dutch) Arjen Kamphuis discusses many challenges that come with electronic voting.
TL;DW: there are many advantages you never realized with the 'old fashioned' pen/pencil and a voting station.

@fribbledom I saw that on csi once and thought it was bullshit, surprised it actually exists

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