2020 has been a rough year, no doubt. I want to end the year focusing on some positive thoughts tho!

Let's start a thread with all the *good* and *exciting* things that happened this year.

Share your story!

I witnessed my one-year old nephew experiencing so many things in his life for the first time.

It's amazing to see how he already developed a sense of humor and what cracks him up. Watching him smile at me is the most calming thing in the world.

@fribbledom Finally got the promotion that had evaded me for 2 years.

@fribbledom i went shithouse insane for awhile and it was kinda fun

@fribbledom I was unemployed through all of 2019. Got a job offer in December 2019 with a January 7, 2020 start date. Had that not happened, I would likely still be unemployed. This month, my wife got a new job with a promotion.

@fribbledom Kids are something else man. My youngest just turned 2 and I swear his vocabulary went from a handful of single words to dozens of words and putting together basic sentences in a month. Some of the wildest and most hilarious things come out of my 3 year old's mouth :-D. Never a dull moment.

@kelbot @fribbledom honestly I didn't realize just how funny kids are. My kid is 4 but even at 1 they are joking around and stuff and it's amazing

@fribbledom My son is six months old now and his developing sense of humor is so interesting to watch (along with everything else he’s developing)! It’s so funny how you can do something that makes him laugh so hard, then a few minutes later he’s not interested.

My manager and I made the decision to phase out one of my positions at work. It’s a slow process because I’m going to have to get better at telling people I can’t help them, but it’s going to reduce my work stress a lot.

@fribbledom Started doing some yard and home improvement. Painted a room and built a crafting table, put up some nice pegboard and now working on some custom shelves. Cleaned up weeds and brush and started a garden. Set up a larger aquarium (20 long, not huge but bigger than the old one) and started raising mollies. Part of the basement flooded so I tore up the carpet and underlayment to dry it out, was a lot of work but I didn’t lose much in the flood and I learned more about my house.

@fribbledom I had been feeling kind of sorry for myself a few months ago when people were posting about doing so many interesting things during lockdown, and I was stuck going to work and taking care of the baby. I knew I was lucky to be able to work and have money, but felt like I could never get anything done. Thanks to this thread, I’m reminded of all of the things I was still able to do this year.

@fribbledom I spent time with my family, cooking things we would never have cooked- each of the “chefs” planned a new meal each week.
I got really really good at Billiards lol
I started riding my bike
Exciting, no..but good definitely!

@fribbledom I found the time to work on side projects and really shape them how I wanted them to be — all without burning out.

I also read a lot of useful non-fiction: great stuff by Mark Manson, James Clear, Nir Eyal and Cal Newport.

@fribbledom Friends of mine had a baby and I'm in love with that little human.
Before they've been born I was so afraid and sure that I wouldn't be able to bond. But them reaching for my fingers with their little hands and smiling when they see me – that's incredibly heartwarming and blew away every fear I had.

@fribbledom We had more intense encounters with friends because there were no larger get-togethers in 2020 but rather individual visitors in the garden then and now. If you have fewer people around, you have more time for in-depth conversation and focus on who you actually are with.

@fribbledom I've gotten to work on a number of interesting projects at work, business is booming, we built a second raised garden bed, the vegetables from the first bed were 😋, and I've recently been learning a ton about practical DevOps.

@fribbledom I made a lot of new friends on the internet, started exercising regularly, went vegan, and started learning how to draw and animate.

@fribbledom 2020 may have been rough financially for many. It may have cost lives that we will miss. It may have been lockdowns, social distances, and a break down of our social conventions. However, it has exposed what we have failed at. It has exposed what we have the capacity to excel at. True 20/20 vision is hindsight, ask Epimetheus. We see now how fragile economies and health care systems, our inadequate safety nets, and more. We come together. Now to be better.

@fribbledom I've gotten to double down on acrobatics training, started hosting #circusInPlace , met new friends, made theater masks, started learning to solder and do some hardware hacking, and joined :) Also taught my first solo class at a theater festival (online)!

@fribbledom I strengthen my relationship with my best friend, we live in different countries and quarantine gave us so many tools to stay connected. Now we have movie (and catch up) nights very frequently!

@fribbledom I made significant progress on some long standing physical and behavioral health problems, and identified the kind of work I intend to do for the world and for my life. I made plans and resolutions to reorganize my life around pursuing that work, and began clearing the path for me to do it in 2021.

congratulations! That had been my plan for this summer, and it completely failed. 5.5 months and not really any wiser about what I want to do (except not the thing I decided to focus on today)


@fribbledom I hit year two of testosterone, my voice drop leveled out and I’ve regained my previous ability to sing smoothly and on pitch, my body shape has really changed, lots of cute body hair everywhere, overall a lot more comfortable with myself than I ever thought I could be :)

@fribbledom Landed a killer position in my dream industry, working to curb industrial pollution. I've been grinding so long and it's finally paying off.

1. Made great strides in self-acceptance and self-regard

2. Deepened my close friendships

3. Found career stability in the form of a new job

4. Made peace with my past

@fribbledom I bought my first new TV in nineteen years in March.

I built two desks for my boys after not doing woodworking in years.

I got a promotion after six years. I'm no longer Full Stack Developer, I'm Full Stack Architect.

I got a new screen door.

@fribbledom I'll be an aunt! (In March 2021, approximately)

I have several sleeping issues.
One of them is grinding my teeth. I have been doing that for ~10 years now. I also have sleep apnea and for that I got some kind of braces (
Normally they get replaces once every 5 years. I grind them broken within 5 days (usually 1 or 2). Repair usually takes a week, so I keep using them until they really (start to) fall apart.
It's now been 4 weeks and they're still intact, so maybe I've stopped grinding (so severely)? 🤯

Possibly related to that:
I've learned 2 things:
1) Everything that you give attention to, grows
2) Name 3 things that you're grateful for (every day)

When you're having negative thoughts (not uncommon with depression) and you focus on them, they tend to get 'bigger'. So when that happens, I apply the 2nd thing. That often resulted in me realizing those things weren't worth fussing about. And I stopped doing that.
The things that didn't go away, apparently are important to me.

@fribbledom got myself a laptop what is completely personal. I used my wife's laptop for awhile. Now i can bring it to college and work in more places. Plus i have a lot of new books to read and music to listen to. Plus got some games what i wanted for a long time already.


I was midway through my studies abroad and continued to befriend locals and not; after I’d returned home I managed to stay in touch with some of them (and I got my first degree!)
I reattained a healthy weight after 6 years
I’m sure I’ve found my spirit animal this time :blobfoxowo:

@fribbledom Been working from home since November 2019 when my daughter was borned.

So I have been able to see and be around my daughter for 24/7 and this has been really amazing! She now crashes online meetings etc. which coworkers now almost expect.

In short, our daughter has a very strong bond to both of us. :)

@fribbledom So I'm in.
my 2020 experience was not the worst. Starting in summer, I took some time for exercising (first time in my life) after 2 months I was capable of running 10km in one go (before that, I was exhausted by just moving up stairs). In september I got my Bsc-degree from University, in parallel to 40 hours of work per week and obviously Corona.
At work, I developed a message-protocol, that is now powering ~1 Million (renewable energy) devices worldwide.
So 2020 wasn't too bad ;)

ohh fuck :welp:
next bill gates :cate:
I am coming to Australia to you :ablobcatbongo:

@mur2501 @fribbledom
*TRIGGERED. :AAAAAA: Obviously on purpose :D But yeah, when I earn as much as Billy does, I'll invite y'all for a beer (in Austria though).

Oh well actually, you can come by anytime for a coffee/beer/tea.

@fribbledom I fell in love with an amazing person and we're in a relationship. I'm still mind-blown about it.
A couple of my friends came out soon after me.
In a way, I feel less lonely this year despite the pandemic.

@fribbledom I guess kpop fandom life was neat and my becoming-more-evil-and-chaotic character arc was absolutely lit

@fribbledom I got my first job, and then quit it to go live with my SOs halfway around the world ^^

Also 2020 is the year when I got back into soldering, and also got myself some cool fem clothes (corset 😍)

It's also a special year in which I finaldy finished a side project x) (

@fribbledom it's simple for me: I started teaching music theory. It's a journey full of hard work, but also very rewarding.

weight loss 

@fribbledom Got myself an exercise bike so I could continue the exercise program I started in 2019, and lost an additional 10kg (30kg total :blobowo:).

@fribbledom What a great thread!
We re retired old farts (get off my lawn kid) who live on a small farm, so all the 2020 nastiness hasn't effected us too much, though we have really missed getting to church this year.

We picked up a new (to us) van, as our old one had 18 hard-use years on it!

The best thing that's happened this year for us was my 43 year old daughter and grandbaby have moved back to Florida. It's so nice to have them close-by after so many years apart!

I was able to play soccer with my kids in the field behind my house every day after lunch for the whole summer. That situation would never have happened if I were not made to work from home.

@fribbledom despite brief interlude of non-chronic illness, extremely good disability\chronic illness and well being progress this year!

@fribbledom I was finally able to get the knee surgery that will enable me to play soccer again.

@fribbledom I reconnected with my child after being out of contact for three years.

They're an adult now and are a wonderful person in spite of lots of difficulty getting there.


So far I've lost more than 40lbs (18kg) since the beginning of the year!


Great topic!

- i replaced all the python 2 in my company's codebase with python 3

- learned how to compose music and use a DAW

- started my own mastodon server

- learned how to compost and how to grow vegetables in my backyard

- learned how to take pictures of space, saw comet NEOWISE, saw the Great Conjunction

- got back into legos, taught my daughter how to build with them

- She also learned how to read this year!

I quit my permanent contract to travel South America for 3 months but then got st... oh good things:

Sold my car, don't intend to get a new one 'cos...
Moved to NL, all I need's a bicycle!
Had enough time to exercise 10 min. every morning, looking goood now!
Found loads of video tapes from the mid-90s, digitized them all.

My favourite:
A relative plus spouse and children managed to leave a sect which they were practically born into. They're in therapy now, getting better

Oh wait, there's more!

I learned to bake proper sourdough bread. It's still a challenge to me in terms of time management, though.

I bonded with my two nieces who only knew me from annual family gatherings because we used to live so far away. They're amazing!

@fribbledom I was finally brave enough to start making my own music! It's been a source of endless joy ever since I started, and I have learned so much!


My little one did his first little jump this year!
Also, all my kids are gererally awsome!

@fribbledom i got an absolute dream job! amazing benefits, diverse team, mentoring opportunities, a place i can have a big impact, and satisfying work.

all that after being possibly furloughed and under appreciated at my last place.

i’ve also been fortunate enough to weather the pandemic with people i love and enjoy in the place we’ve dreamed about living.

i’ve got so much to be grateful for and i’m slightly ashamed it took this trashfire of a year for me to appreciate the full impact of it all.

@fribbledom I'm not good at "exciting". A lot of good things happened but they were all small things. Like baking bread, and working fewer hours.
In fact, that might be my story: I gave a talk about a year ago arguing that people in my line of work should work less and have a life outside of work. I put it on SlideShare and forgot about it. This morning it has almost 900,000 views, so I hope it will have motivated people to change their lifestyle for the better.

2020 positives 

* started HRT!!
* made a new friend. that came out of a sad situation, but also
* that sad situation gave me some new feelings-related experiences and im also pleased with how i handled it!
* learned i was plural!
* learned i was therian!
* i did pretty well at study! (despite struggling due to aforementioned sad stuff)
* i got better lights in my place!

2020 positives, adhd meds 

* i learned i am not goals-oriented and so am now learning to even better work with how i am and to be able to Do things i enjoy
* headmate now owns a macro lens and loves it
* a couple headmates openly attend boardgames with a friend as themselves
* got adhd dx and meds (... might still wanna change them, but they seem to help some)
* i loved on my own with my cat the whole year, which has been awesome!
* started washing and carding wool

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