Follow is seeing a big traffic spike for the past 24 hours, but I haven't got the slightest clue where it's coming from...

Thanks anyway 😄

Also, almost 5k stars on GitHub now. Ah-may-zing! 😊

@fribbledom huh, I swear I remember seeing it linked somewhere in the last day or so and thinking "oh that's neat" but I cannot for the life of me remember where that was.

@fribbledom I can see why - just downloaded, it has a really clean output.

@fribbledom I starred it just now making it 4945. Almost there!

Agree with @malin. I couldn't find anything missing from the output that I needed. Looks good too. 👍

Recently installed it on several of my machines and I think it's awesome 😃
Fast too 😎

@fribbledom if not a secret, How many installations did the mastodon bring?
I found duf in september on someone's list of recommendations and have been using it on mac ever since. I was surprised when I found your account here.


It's agnostic to the filesystems, so it has no features specific to btrfs.

@fribbledom that's awesome! Glad your getting the recognition you deserve! 😀👏🏻

@fribbledom Pretty cool util. the `-json` switch has lots of procrastination potential :wink:

@fribbledom It's cute doe. I think I saw it somewhere recently. maybe 4chan lol
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