Holy moly, Owncast is really taking off with the 0.0.3 release!

Almost 1000 stars in a single day for 🙊

Hackernews front page, #1 on several sub-reddits: r/selfhosted, r/golang, ... awesome stuff!

Someone even started streaming public domain movies 24/7 on their Owncast instance:

Check out the Owncast directory to find more instances:

@fribbledom I think Owncast is exactly what many people were waiting for.There have been so many requests to add livestreaming to PeerTube.Now Owncast was faster and the people love it 😍

@nipos @fribbledom well ... owncast doesn't do peer sharing, so it's way more expensive (you serve every bit from the server), does not federate with the fediverse and is only in v 0.0.3 and a few month old... Peertube is doing it now in V3.0 RC3 (proper release next month)

but yes, a bit of diversity is good ;)

@nipos @fribbledom

peertube v3.0.0-rc.1

Support live streaming #3250
- Create a live video using the PeerTube interface and start streaming using your favorite streaming software (OBS, ffmpeg...)
- If the admin allows it, add ability for users to save a replay of their live
- Support live transcoding in multiple resolutions
- Admins can set a limit of created lives per user/instance and a duration limit
- This is the first step of live streaming, we'll consolidate the feature next yea

@nipos @fribbledom

I just tested peertube livestreaming with the current build (chocobozzz/peertube:develop-buster)

it works, but it had a 45 second delay -.- and i didn't even turn on transcoding.

@nipos @fribbledom

and there's no livechat feature :-/ I'm taking a closer look on owncast ;-)

@mk @fribbledom Owncast is a very good alternative to Twitch with similar features,including the chat.But from what I've seen so far,Owncast has only one stream per installation.That makes it impossible for me to operate a public instance everyone can use for their own streams unfortunately 😕

@mk @fribbledom I know the feature already.I'm still waiting for it to become available in the stable version,then I'll update my instance as soon as possible.

@nipos @fribbledom

I hoping that they will add a livechat...the chat and a low delay is what makes livestreaming better than vod.

@fribbledom looks interesting 🤔

I'm not much into live streaming but I'll def check out it. 🙂

@fribbledom this is really cool and also exactly what my colleague and I have been looking for to improve the streaming capabilities of the AV dept at the tertiary drama school I work for in part. I was wondering if there are any guidelines for how many clients a given basic server can handle live-streaming to, assuming the minimum transcoding overhead? Trying to work out if we’ll need to set up CDN/object-store backend or more powerful dedicated server to migrate off Vimeo for public streaming where we get 100-200 viewers.
We run desktop-grade i7 machines with 8GB RAM that are a few years behind. Uplink is not a concern (gigabit symmetrical).


There's only one transcoding process (per configured output quality), so your average server can process it just fine.

For 100-200 viewers you'll obviously need a bunch of upstream, but it sounds like you got that. If you're working with a conservative bitrate setting, this might just work.

@fribbledom i like how it's only at 0.0.3 and it's still better polished and easier to use than 90% of “release” software

Looks promising in local testinstall. Nothing revolutionary, but fast and easily deployable and pretty feature complete

You certainly scratched an itch:).

Congrats on making something cool/useful and following up with some nice polish (site, install, usability)

@fribbledom This software is _incredibly_ polished for version 0.3 software. Incredible!

Mobile support is perfect, too. Tested this on Firefox on an iPhone, and no issues at all. Nothing to install, nothing to download, nothing to log into.

@fribbledom Is very cool - looking forward to PeerTube's live capabilities as well

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