Cookies don't contain many vitamins. That's why you need to eat a lot of them 🍪


@fribbledom I think this enough Vitamin C(ookie) but I'll make another pan just in case

'cuz it's winter and you need lots of vitamins to stay healthy in the cold

@fribbledom time to repeal the GDPR then, those sites just wanted to be sure their visitors were properly nourished

@fribbledom The more you eat, the more vitamins you receive. I suggest buying in bulk.

@fribbledom or... just hear me out ... you crush a multivitamin tablet into the dough.

@fribbledom just as a side note: you actually want to do that when breaking bread (or just vitamin c really), as it stabilizes the gluten protein network and gives you more volume and finer crumb. It's one of the most common additives in bread baking.

@fribbledom don't get me started on how people classify which aliments provide magnesium! Ah well too late I'm started now.
We all learned in middle school that dried fruit provides Mg. Does drying the fruit alchemically create Mg? No, it only removes water. If you have a fresh apricot, should you dry it before eating in order to get more Mg? No, it won't work! Someone just sorted a list of aliments in Mg per mass, as if that was useful, and it became canon somehow.

@fribbledom we are also taught that chocolate provides Mg. The reality is that if you spend your entire daily caloric budget on chocolate, you will LACK Mg, among other diet problems. Everytime you eat a square of chocolate, you MISS an opportunity to get sufficient Mg for the calories you can afford to eat that day.

@fribbledom @spun_off We were able to cure a handful of diseases with vitamins like Scurvy, pellagra and beriberi overnight and ever since we've been looking for similar magic bullet cures that sadly don't exist.

@fribbledom just go on the internet, lots of sites will hand them out for free!

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