Post-it notes: your trusty password manager since 1974.

@fribbledom B...but password sheets attached to the monitor were disencouraged! 😂

@fribbledom p@55w0rd123? What's that supposed to mean? Guess I'll toss it...

@fribbledom Sticky notes are substantially more secure nowadays since we're all at home. Honestly I bet lastpass is more likely to get jacked than a sticky note on a home PC. Assuming sufficient entropy of course

@grumpy @fribbledom Damn I laughed. But then thought, this is actually correct for people at home.

@fribbledom The super secret ones are on multiple ones in multiple locations all over your cubical.

@gudenau @fribbledom

As long as one can remember only part of one's password, referring to a sticky note for the rest meets the definition of 2FA, doesn't it?

After all, it's something you know + something you have ;-)

According to received wisdom, it therefore makes authentication more secure, not less :-D

spot the fallacy.

At one job I had I had a pocket calculator with a lid. I put a sticker with my password in the lid.

A few years later when I worked there during the summer they had progressed.
They worked with hand terminals that had barcode scanners.
There was a sticker at the desk with a barcode. The barcode was the password for the system.

@fribbledom and amazingly hard to hack from Russia and China.

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