I've promised myself I would play Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020... so I guess today's the day?

@fribbledom hope u got a beefy rig for this unoptimized game :)

@j @fribbledom I've got a whole cow and still had problems, but they were all glitches rather than performance

Some unoptimized games are the demise of their series. Take The Sims 3 for instance. YouTubers playing that thing on their powerful computers and game still lags.

The Sims 4 was an upgrade to both visuals and performance but it lacks so much on gameplay that I started playing its successor, The Sims 2.

@fribbledom Eh, I'll wait a few years until there's official and fanmade fixes.

Go for it! I've been playing since the day it was released. Much fun 😁

Spoiler: It's such a wonderful experience but enjoy the crashes ;)

@fribbledom I think there is a free DLC already slated. Runs pretty well in Linux on proton.
@fribbledom 2020 is a special year; the next few months will still feel like 2020.

@fribbledom played it for like 5 hours the day it was released. havent touched it since.

Enjoy it. An least on PC its a lot of fun!

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